Gallus' corporate culture is a key factor in ensuring the success that safeguards the future of the Gallus Group - and a contribution to the success of our customers throughout decades. People working together towards a common goal need rules which everyone can and must follow. At Gallus, these rules are the six components of our corporate culture: 

  • Customer focus
    We see our external and internal customers as partners and provide them with effective support. 
  • Management approach
    We adopt a coaching approach to management and want to see all our staff fulfil their potential.
  • Quality awareness
    To us, quality means satisfying our customers' requirements.
  • Team focus
    We find solutions as a team and decide on the path to take through intensive dialogue.
  • Self reliance
    We want employees to think for themselves, act on their own initiative and take joint responsibility to ensure good overall performance. 
  • Identification
    We expect every employee to be able to identify with the Gallus vision, goals and culture.