Gallus' corporate culture is a key factor in ensuring the success that safeguards the future of the Gallus Group - and a contribution to the success of our customers throughout decades. People working together towards a common goal need rules which everyone can and must follow. At Gallus, these rules are the six components of our corporate culture: 

  • Customer focus
    We see our external and internal customers as partners and provide them with effective support. 
  • Management approach
    We adopt a coaching approach to management and want to see all our staff fulfil their potential.
  • Quality awareness
    To us, quality means satisfying our customers' requirements.
  • Team focus
    We find solutions as a team and decide on the path to take through intensive dialogue.
  • Self reliance
    We want employees to think for themselves, act on their own initiative and take joint responsibility to ensure good overall performance. 
  • Identification
    We expect every employee to be able to identify with the Gallus vision, goals and culture.


We are committed to sustainability and take our economic, social and environmental responsibilities very seriously, giving all three aspects equal weight and increasing our customers’ competitiveness in a truly unique way. Both Gallus as a company and each individual Gallus employee work to satisfy the present generation's expectations without jeopardising the existence of future generations.

Economic sustainability
We are familiar with the development opportunities that exist in the areas we do business in and are confident of our ability to strengthen our market position by delivering a first-rate service. Our economic sustainability ensures Gallus will remain a reliable partner in the years ahead.

Social sustainability
Our company's future depends on having employees who are enthusiastic and have the ability to ask questions, break with established ways of thinking and embark on new territory. As a company we will only be successful if we succeed in creating conditions and a culture with which our employees feel comfortable, enabling them to unlock their potential, take on responsibility and help shape the company’s future.

Environmental sustainability
Incorporating environmental considerations in the way we think and act is not something we see as an additional burden or obstacle, but rather as an opportunity and a challenge – the chance to put aside existing concepts and embrace new ones. We are therefore committed to ensuring that:

  • environmental considerations are factored into our portfolio innovations in terms of resource usage and waste disposal
  • we encourage our employees and partners to be sensitive to environmental issues
  • environmental measures are fully focused on the market and effectively reflect market needs.

We are assisted in this endeavour by our ISO 14001:2004-certified environmental management system.