Digital Embellishment Unit

digital embellishment unit

Matte and gloss effects and spot coatings.

The Digital Embellishment Unit (DEU) is able to carry out inline coating digitally using UV inkjet technology and apply matte, gloss and tactile spot coating effects to the substrate web in various thicknesses.

Matte and gloss effects and spot coatings
The Digital Embellishment Unit can produce gloss and matte spot coatings and tactile relief effects in a single pass, all using atmospheric UV inkjet coatings. It supports coating volumes up to 100 gsm with a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi (native/physical).

When using this DEU, customers benefit from shorter setup times and minimised cleaning work over conventional solutions. Thanks to the digital technology, there are no additional costs for tools, including tool production and management.
In a single pass
As various matte, gloss and tactile effects can be applied at the same time in a single pass, this unit replaces up to three conventional printing stations, thus tripling the benefits. The resulting shortened web path also leads to further cuts in waste.


Digital Embellishment Unit
Technical Specifications


600x600 dpi native

Qualified applied varnish volume 

• 12 µm @ 100 m/min
• 24 µm @ 50 m/min
•100 µm @ 13 m/min

Register Accuracy ≤± 0.2mm

Varnish: Proprietary UV inkjet varnish

Automatic cleaning system 

Fast varnish fluid changeover (automatic flushing)

Pinning for haptic effects

Applications Spot Gloss Varnish

Spot gloss varnish

Spot Matte varnish

Haptic effects

Multiple combined effects in one pass

Available Converting Platforms/Systems

Gallus Labelfire 340

Gallus Labelmaster

All technical data represent approximate values. Gallus reserves the right to make mechanical and design modifications.