Gallus Labelfire Low Migration

The Gallus Labelfire is new available as low-migration version and enables the production of food-compliant packaging in accordance with EU regulations and the Swiss Ordinance on Consumer Goods.

Food-compliant printing with UV inkjet

We are proud to offer our customers a machine system that prints flexibly and efficiently, but furthermore it allows a very broad range of applications and thus also addresses various market segments. The Labelfire Low Migration is perfect for a successful entry into digital packaging printing for the food and pharmaceutical markets.

Thomas Schweizer, Head of Business and Product Management at Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG

Labelfire Low Migration

Gallus Labelfire Low Migration in the headquarters in St. Gallen, Switzerland

Complete system solution

Gallus Labelfire Low Migration means UV inkjet label and packaging printing with specially developed Saphira UVLM inks, which are compliant with standards of the food industry. Furthermore this UV inkjet press is equipped with a multi-stage curing system.

Saphira UVLM inks

A prerequisite for the food-compliant production of labels and packaging is compliance with the relevant legislation. 
Saphira UVLM inks comply with:

  • EuPIA
  • EU Regulations No. 10/2011, No. 1935/2004, No. 2023/2006
  • GMP
  • Swiss Ordinance
  • Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks

The Gallus Labelfire Low Migration is equipped with a special, multi-stage curing system composed of: 

  • Inert chamber
  • UV-booster (optionally)
UV-Booster Labelfire Low Migration EN
Gallus Labelfire Low Migration equipped with an additional UV booster enhancing the curing of Saphira UVLM inkjet inks at higher printing speeds

Directly after the printing process, the substrate web is fed into a dryer with an inert chamber. The extensive exclusion of oxygen optimizes the curing performance of the inks. An optional UV booster then enhances the drying of UV inkjet inks at higher printing speeds.

In addition to these new curing units, the Gallus Labelfire Low Migration is equipped with UV and oxygen sensors that display production parameters.

UV Inert Chamber EN
The new drying unit has two inert chambers and is equipped with UV and oxygen sensors.

The Gallus Labelfire Low Migration represents a real innovation. Compared to the previous press, it makes no compromises when it comes to print quality, colour gamut and lightfastness of the inks

Uwe Alexander, Product Manager Digital at Gallus

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Uwe Alexander
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Gallus Labelfire Low Migration

Technical Specifications 

Digital Printing Unit 
Printing Method
UV - Piezo DoD - InkJet
Production Speed

up to 50 m/min

max. print quality 1020 m²/h

1200 x 1200 dpi native @2pl droplet size

optical resolution ca. 2400 x 2400dpi, > 200 grey scales

Number of Digital Printing Modules

Gallus Labelfire 34

Different configurations available

  • 8 (CMYK + GOV + Digital-White)
  • 7 (CMYK + GOV)
  • 5 (CYMK + Digital-White)
  • 4 (CMYK)
Number of Colours
Gallus Labelfire 340

4 to 8 Colours
Depending on the configuration: CMYK + GOV (Green/Orange/Violett) + Digital-White, CMYK + GOV, CYMK + Digital-White, CYMK)

Print Width max.340 mm
Substrates*Typical label substrates, monofoils, paper and composite materials
50 - 350 µm

Cardboard, tube laminates and thin foils                        

20 - 450 µm

Dimension (L x B x H)depending on the configuration
11'500 x 4'500 x 2'200 mm (Base hybrid configuration)
Variable Data Printing

iVDP (industrial variable data processing, e.g. bar codes, QR codes, alpha numeric text, …)


full VDP (full variable data printing) as option;
for 100% variable data printing at full resolution (1200 dpi), full colour gamut and production speed

Interfacesto all widely used pre-press software solutions for label printers
Low Migration
Swiss Ordinance, Nestlé Guidance, Eupia, GMP, EU-Verordnungen Nr.
10/2011, Nr. 1935/2004, Nr. 2023/2006 (GMP)

Conventional Inline Production Platform
Reel Diametermax. 40" (1016 mm)
Number of conventional process platformsmax. 5 + die-cutting
Repeat (conventional flexo unit)254 - 508 mm (10" - 12")
Substrate Conditioning
web cleaner (direct contact and contact-free), corona, antistatic, full & spot flexo, primer (if necessary), delam-relam, printing on glue, screen printing, cold foil embossing
Finishing Capabilities
Flexo, screen printing, varnish, coldfoil, laminater, die cutter, matrix rewinder, slitter, Digital Embellishment Unit (DEU)
Die Cut

Semi-rotary, format length: 152 - 508 mm (6'' - 20'') ;

fully rotary, format lenght: 152 - 508 mm (6'' - 20'')

Supply Data

Connection Power96 kW** or 121 kW*** (3P + PE)
Voltage400V / 50Hz
Compressed Air
350 l/min; with 7.5 to max. 10 bar, oil- und waterfree
Exhaustapprox. ca. 2.323 m³/h** or 3.812m³/h***;
exhaust temperature max. 50°C
Ozon emission approx. 0,8 mg/m3
ConformityCE, GS (UL possible)
Remote Access
All technical data are approximate values. Technical details depend on machine configuration, job, web width, consumable materials, substrate and other factors were applicable.

*Substrates and its printing are depending von many different factors, especially at the low migration version. Please consult our Low Migration expert if you have specific questions.

**Example A: Without Booster (2x flexo + DPU + 2x flexo)

***Example B: With Booster (2x flexo + DPU + Booster + 2x Flexo)

For more information:

  • Take a look at the videos about printing low migration applications on the Gallus Labelfire
  • or download our Whitepaper!