Gallus Labelmaster

Gallus Labelmaster with new winder units

“Operator friendliness”, i.e. the simple and intuitive operation of the Labelmaster by the machine operator, has always been the focus of the further development of the Gallus Labelmaster. The winder units now can be operated locally directly on the winder, or their parameters can be viewed and adjusted centrally via the touch panel in the human machine interface (HMI) of the machine. The compact design enables reduced waste thanks to a machine length that is up to 3.30 meters shorter.

In this regard the loading process of the substrate has also been redesigned and completely revised. With a new trolley system, i.e. a mobile lift outside the printing press, the substrate can be easily loaded and unloaded without touching the ground. An integrated lift is no longer necessary and the operator can use the trolley flexibly as required, even on other machines. Simple and flexible loading of the substrate is the result.

Flexibility in perfection
You can now plan the future by harnessing the revolutionary flexibility of the Gallus Labelmaster. From the economical basic model to the fully equipped version, the possibilities are endless for configuring your label press to meet the needs of your business model, while benefiting from unbeatable value for money and the impressive quality for which Gallus is renowned.


Straightforward and reliable – the flexo printing units with best practice operability.


The winder units can be operated locally directly on the winder, or their parameters can be viewed and adjusted centrally via the touch panel in the HMI of the machine.

Operational cost-effectiveness

A short web path of just 1.4 m from printing unit to printing unit, short set-up times, extremely fast job changes and a perfect register reduce the amount of waste from the very beginning. An optimised ink chamber for the chamber blade requires only 250g of ink and keeps these costs low. In addition, the ink chamber has been improved with regard to ink spitting and foam formation – for reliably high print speeds. Increase your profitability with the Gallus Labelmaster.

A highly intuitive operating philosophy and automated presetting functions are supporting the operator.


Tailor-made for any business model

The unique modularity of the Gallus Labelmaster meets all popular needs on the market, both now and in the future – from commodity labels to sophisti-cated, high-finish products.


Users can choose from the two model lines

Gallus Labelmaster
The basic version represents outstanding price-performance ratio.
Optionally, this basic version offers a limited number of print process changes, fully integrated into the controller.

Gallus Labelmaster Advanced
Process flexibility in any position and a high level of automation ensure exceptional flexibility, because exchanges of the printing or finishing are possible at any position.

Flexibility is the ability to see a challenge as an opportunity and use it to optimum effect. 


Easy in use – spectacular performance

While the Gallus Labelmaster features extensive modules, delivering a high level of flexibility, it nonetheless boasts intuitive and straightforward operation with automated presetting functions. All product lines are thus extremely easy to get to grips with. There is a clear focus on simplicity, speed and reliability – from quick and easy changes of the lightweight aluminium printing cylinders to fully integrated operation, whether it’s via the user- friendly HMI touch panel or directly on the printing unit. At Gallus, we call this “best-spot interaction”.

The resulting benefits
• Intuitive operating philosophy
• Easy to get to grips with
• Short setup times


Exceptionally short setup times and super-fast job changes thanks to the gearless light-weight printing cylinders.

The most important aspect of easy operation is the time saved and thus the productive use of valuable capacity. 


Ultra fast ans ultra precise!

The Gallus Labelmaster doesn’t just impress with its flexibility but also thanks to its performance in production. This new machine platform handles even high printing speeds of up to 200 m/min with absolute register accuracy. An optimised ink chamber ensures perfect ink transfer to anilox rollers at all times with minimal splashing and reduced foaming.

Further benefits for even greater profitability
• Fast job changes in just a few steps
• Easy changes of lightweight aluminium printing cylinders
• High printing speed
• Ink chamber optimised for high speeds

New designed flexo printing unit for reliable high printing speeds supporting extremely fast cylinder changes.
It isn’t easy to combine perfection and exceptionally high speed – yet this is exactly what sets Gallus apart with its innovative strength and decades of experience. 


Qualität in allen Facetten.

The printing units - precise und efficient
With the new press platform, Gallus has also developed a new locking system that enables quick, easy and accurate changes of printing units. The system positions them on the base unit with absolute precision and ensures 100% register accuracy across a wide spectrum of substrates.

Quality and brilliance are both the result of ultra precision.

The finest print quality
Whether the Gallus Labelmaster is running at a low setup speed or being accelerated to a maximum speed of up to 200 m/min, its printed image is always in register, thus underlining the new machine platform’s unique quality and precision. Time-consuming corrections are not needed.

Combining speed and simplicity with profitability
The Gallus Labelmaster also sets new standards in cost-effectiveness – from dramatic time savings, thanks to its ease of use and fast printing speed, to low waste and minimal material consumption. The Gallus Labelmaster impresses from the first print and makes label printing easier, faster and more profitable.

Profitability also depends on the diameter of the printing cylinders – various sizes are available for the Gallus Labelmaster, ranging from 8" to 25".

• Intuitive operation with HMI touch panel
• Can be configured to meet individual needs, depending on the model line
• Wide choice of substrates
• Lightweight and robust aluminium printing cylinders with bearer rings

• High printing speeds of up to 200 m/min
• Rapid job changes
• Short setup times
• Easy to get to grips with

• Minimal paper waste thanks to extremely short web path (just 1.4 m)
• Precise and stable register accuracy
• Outstanding premium print quality with high-end finishing
• Optimum ink transfer to anilox rollers
• Low consumption of ink and substrates

Technical Specifications340440570
Machine specifications
Mechanical machine speed max.200 m/min.656 ft/min.200 m/min.656 ft/min.200 m/min.656 ft/min.
Web width max.345 mm13.6"445 mm17.5"575 mm22.6"
Web width min.170 mm6.7"220 mm8.7"285 mm11.2"
Printing width max.340 mm13.4"440 mm17.3"570 mm22.4"
Format length max.635 mm25"635 mm25"635 mm25"
Format length min.*1) 203.2 mm8"*1) 203.2 mm8"*1) 203.2 mm8"
Format length min. 
with optional anilox servo
254 mm10"
Format length min. screen269.9 mm10 5/8"269.9 mm10 5/8"269.9 mm10 5/8"
Number of print operations max.141414
Hot-air drying (final curing)yesyesyes
Rotary processing
Processing width max.340 mm13.4"440 mm17.3"570 mm22.4"
Format length max.635 mm25"635 mm25"635 mm25"
Format length min.254 mm10"254 mm10"381 mm15"
Number of processing operations max.666
Max. number of process positions 161616
Self-adhesive materialsyesyesyes
Monofoil label materialsyesyesyes
Tube laminatesyesyesyes
Remote diagnosis
Gallus Remote Accessyesyesyes
All rights reserved to change the specifications
*1) Screen from 10 5/8"