A printing form in 30 minutes: Gallus Screeny

Gallus Screeny printing plates are used to produce the rotary screen printing form. Processing is similar to other photopolymer printing plates. All working steps are clearly defined and can be performed rapidly with a few simple aids. Less than 30 minutes is required to get from the reprofilm to the ready-to-use printing form.  With Screeny Digital a reprofilm is no longer necessary.

The Gallus Screeny printing plate is supplied in a sensitized, light protected format and can be stored for at least twelve months. In reel form Screeny ensures maximum flexibility - in a minimum of space and with little stock.

Consistant high quality, a wide selection and maximum availability provide the basis for excellent cost-effectiveness at the preliminary stage.


Screeny direct UV exposure with Luescher CtP unit

Screeny conventional screen printing plates can be imaged in the printer’s existing digital workflow, for example using a CtP unit from Lüscher AG. This type of equipment enables the CtP workflow to be extended beyond existing printing applications to screen printing. An analogue film is no longer required, conventional exposing is no longer necessary.

Lüscher devices can be equipped with various types of lasers (405nm, 830nm, 940nm) at the same time. This enables the following printing plates to be imaged:

- Offset plates (conventional and thermal imaging)
- Flexographic plates with a LAMS layer
- Letterpress plates
- Digital films
- Conventional Screeny printing plates including Screeny S-Line
- Screeny Digital plates

In order to achieve perfect register accuracy, the Lüscher devices are equipped with register pins. It is also possible to retrofit them into existing devices. The Screeny format is fixed using a vacuum system.

Direct exposure by UV laser 

Direkt_Bebilderung mit laser