Four steps to the perfect screen 

Screeny Flat screen printing (digital and conventional)

Screeny 400 ECO / Screeny 600 developing unit

Screeny-DOP_Screeny 400
The Screeny 400 wash out device is ideally suited for flat screen printing with Screeny DOP.

Screeny600 flat screen printing

DROP Phoenix Computer to Screen


Phoenix flat screen Retouche

Use the benefits of the Gallus system

  • A small number of simple steps in the prepress stage
  • Higher productivity due to standardization
  • Flexible blockmaking operations

Download the information flyer here: Gallus-Screeny_GundG-Line-Flyer_2018_EN


If you require further information on Flat Screen Printing and its portfolio, please feel free to send an e-mail directly to the Gallus Flat Screen Printing Department: