New at Gallus Innovation Days - Gallus Smartfire

Gallus Smartfire - The easy way to produce digital labels

Easy to use, economically affordable, and with no specific physical conditions needed, the Gallus Smartfire becomes the first real solution for the many. The Gallus Smartfire shatters the price barrier in terms of capital investment needed for a fully featured digital label press.

Designed for a broad target group

Be it commercial printers looking to augment their revenue stream or brand owners who strive for more immediacy and supply control - the Gallus Smartfire is a press designed for anyone. Label converters themselves benefit from the Smartfire by continuing to offer value-based knowledge in design, prepress, substrate converting and client management.

An affordable solution

The Gallus Smartfire shatters price barriers in terms of capital investment needed for fully featured digital label presses. With its small ecological footprint, finished eco-friendly labels become reality on this press. Using only a single standard electrical source, emitting no VOC and demanding no venting requirements, it is perfect for any work environment.
The Gallus Smartfire uses the field proven Memjet heads with their water-based inks, which means it is food friendly with no additional top coating barriers. Proven print technology leveraged with Gallus' deep label knowledge makes the Gallus Smartfire the label press to getting started with digital printing.

The Gallus Smartfire

  • Low Capital Investment
  • Ease of Use
  • Exceptional Image quality @ 1600 dpi
  • Quick change head replacement functionality
  • Water based inks – no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  • Standard wall electrical requirements – Plug and print!
  • Substrate savings system reduces waste between jobs