Gallus Screeny: Screeny DY – We like it!

Russia is well-known for cold winters, beautiful women and good vodka. Especially the vodka label printers and vodka producers have a new darling: Gallus Screeny DY. Ilya Koshelev, from label printer Limaton Istratek says: we simply like Gallus Screeny DY!

Striking Relief effect

Why does the vodka industry in Russia like printed effects with Gallus Screeyn DY so much? The answer is very easy. With Gallus Screeny DY you can print images with a very high ink lay down and also with fine resolution. This creates a striking relief effect that has never before been technically feasible. So the labeled Vodka bottle gains more attention in the shelf.

Vodka bottles can gain better shelf attention due to Gallus Screeny DY

Better look 
Thanks to a thick ink layer and clean edges, Gallus Screeny DY gives labels a much more defined appearance and better relief effect – making them almost look like they have been embossed. Meanwhile, the perfect ink flow achieved by Gallus Screeny screen printing plates produces the clean edges in the printed image.


That’s Gallus Screeny DY: thick ink layer coupled with outstanding print image resolution

Better quality
Because Gallus Screeny DY minimises bubble formation during printing, screen printing ink flows onto the printing stock evenly, with no swirling. The end result is a higher quality standard, less waste and long-term cost savings.


Prints are sharp and high with Gallus Screeny DY.

Better feel
Every end consumer who is shown a label that has been produced using Gallus Screeny DY wants to do the same thing – touch it! This is due to the aforementioned combination of a thick ink layer and excellent print image resolution, which means that Gallus Screeny DY transfers more ink to the label. End consumers can both see and feel this additional quantity of ink. When labels are more vibrant in this way, they catch the eye on any shelf and help to boost the sales of the product as a result.

Gallus Screeny DY: for high ink lay down with fine elements

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