Digital Printing Plate S-Line 

  • Springhard
  • Very robust
  • High Speed
  • Imaging by ablation

The Screeny digital screen printing plates are provided with an ablation layer (LAMS layer), which is applied to the photopolymer. This ablation is removed digitally with a laser point. Subsequently, the screen printing plate is exposed in the proven steps, washed and mounted.

Gallus Screeny Digital is based on technological progress made with the S-Line generation. 
Gallus Screeny S-Line Digital offers optimum ink flow, high stability and optimum resistance against torsion. 

The proven printing processes remain in its present form. The aim is to integrate Screeny digital into the existing digital flexographic workflow. A typical device for digital imaging of Screeny Digital is a CDI unit of Esko.

With Screeny Digital, it is possible to push forward in the CTP area on rotary screen printing,  without any costs and additional investment. 
An analog film is no longer needed.



Screeny Printing Plates - Technical Specifications