Labelexpo Europe 2017: Gallus unveils the Gallus Labelmaster Advanced line with multiweb feature

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St. Gallen, September 2017 – Hot on the heels of the successful debut of the Gallus Labelmaster during the Gallus Innovation Days in September 2016, Gallus is now set to unveil the Gallus Labelmaster Advanced line with multiweb feature at Labelexpo 2017 in Brussels. The basic versions of this label printing press will also be on display.

Gallus Labelmaster and Gallus Labelmaster Advanced offer maximum flexibility

The Gallus Labelmaster Advanced line’s impressive modular design combines maximum flexibility with a high level of automation. The new press offers label printers an unrivalled variety of processes, as the various finishing and printing units can be changed quickly and easily at any machine position.

All Gallus Labelmaster presses share the same special platform design and can be configured to meet the customer’s specific requirements. With its open interfaces, this machine series represents a highly secure investment and enables users to respond flexibly to future changes in the market.

In the new platform system, the Gallus Labelmaster is made up of modules each comprising two printing units. These modules are available in three different variants. The basic variant already covers all the essential label printing standards. The Plus version provides significantly enhanced flexibility to cover many applications in the label industry, and the Advanced line can  virtually meet any requirement and be configured to include as much or as little automation as necessary. By offering this modular system, Gallus is ensuring that label printers can satisfy prevailing market requirements and always remain fit for the future – all for a level of investment that would previously have been inconceivable for premium products.

The new Gallus Labelmaster machine platform boasts a whole series of product highlights, such as an extremely short web path of just 1.4 m between printing units and a high maximum speed of 200 m/min, thus making the Gallus Labelmaster the fastest label printing press that Gallus has ever produced. The press can be controlled centrally via an HMI touch panel, although manual intervention is also supported, with operators being able to make changes with ease and, more importantly, very quickly. Thereby, extremely short setup times can be achieved. The lightweight aluminium printing cylinders that were specially developed for this machine type can be changed in just a few quick steps, thus ensuring that job changes can be completed with unparalleled speed.

An optimised ink chamber for the doctor blade needs just 250 g of ink and therefore keeps the associated costs low while minimising ink spitting and foaming. The newly designed flexographic printing unit, which benefits from the construction principles established in sheetfed offset at the parent company Heidelberg, is directly driven by two servomotors and delivers Gallus premium quality from the start. Besides being provided with flexographic printing units, the press can also be equipped with a newly developed screenprinting unit that enables users to make the most of high-end finishing options.

The register accuracy of the Gallus Labelmaster is particularly striking – whether the press is being run at a low setup speed or accelerated to a high maximum speed, the printed image is always in register, without the slightest correction necessary. This performance highlights the precision of the Gallus Labelmaster.

The Gallus Group

The Gallus Group, with production facilities in Switzerland and Germany, is the world market leader in the development, production and sale of narrow-web, reel-fed presses designed for label manufacturers. The machine portfolio is augmented by a broad range of screen printing plates (Gallus Screeny), globally decentralised service operations, and a broad offering of printing accessories and replacement parts. The comprehensive portfolio also includes consulting services provided by label experts in all relevant printing and process engineering tasks. The Gallus Group is member of the Heidelberg Group and employs around 430 people, of whom 253 are based in Switzerland, where the Group has its headquarters in St. Gallen. As a member of the Heidelberg Group, the Gallus Group uses the Heidelberg global sales and service network.

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