Printing Plate A-Line

  • Extrem robust
  • Best Reuse rate
  • Highest printing speed

The Screeny A-Line products are based on proven processes and new technology and represents the charactertics of extremly springhard,   extremly strength and highest speed. The recognized high quality of Screeny screen printing plate is enhanced with new strength properties, which include extremely factor spring hard. This particular feature is created by the new base structure which combines a high strength and an excellent resiliency. The extreme stability of the Screen printing plate is particularly well suited for longer and larger print jobs and for maximum reuse. 

The new violet photopolymer layer of Gallus Screeny A-Line provides for the human eye, a perfect contrast which ensures and simplified the final inspection of the exposure screen printing plate.

The Screeny A-Line generation is on Stock available.


Screeny Printing Plates - Technical Specifications