Rotary Screen Printing


Rotary screen printing - an effective way of printing

Screen printing is ideally suited wherever a high degree of coverage, precise detail and colour intensity are required to obtain a brilliant, high-quality image. Applying a coating allows special relief and other effects to be created. Scented coatings, thermochromatic inks and glitters are just a few examples of screen printing applications.

Final_SCREENY-swiss made-1.31One particular feature of screen printing is its ability to produce what is known as the no-label look with transparent labels being applied to the packaging. Screen printing also enables Braille to be applied to any label.



System Solutions

As an integrated solution provider Gallus supports its customers with a unique screen-printing expertise.

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Success depends on the printing plate. The Gallus Screeny printing plates for rotary screen printing forms are an in-house development by Gallus. The unique microstructure, stabilised fabric and perfect structural balance of photosensitive coating ensure maximum printing quality and consistency.

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Through the integration into Gallus machine systems the Gallus rotative screen printing system enables short set-up times and highest print quality.

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