Customer in Mexico City invests in Gallus Screeny DOP complete system

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Complete system by Gallus Screeny DOP (Direct Objekt Printing) for new customer in Mexico (Picture Source: Gallus)

An international customer in Mexico City will have the complete Screeny equipment in production for the direct printing of hollow glass applications. At the end of 2020 the company will be able to use the whole system of Screeny DOP.

The reasons are obvious: reliable reproducibility and therefore, consistently perfect print quality are key factors for investing in this system.

The complete system includes the following:
- Gallus Screeny C-Line mesh
- Gallus Screeny fast tension frame
- Phoenix CtS (Computer to Screen) newest generation
- Screeny 400Eco automatic development unit

The customer is positioned internationally. With the new investment the company will print technical hollow glass applications as for example glass ampules for the cosmetic and pharma industry.