Gallus Remote Special

Secure your productivity with effective combination of toolset and expertise

With the leading remote system “Secomea” your Gallus press is equipped best in class whenever help is needed and valuable production time is at stake. In combination with Gallus Helpdesk’s expertise know-how, we offer you a special bundle to minimize machine downtime, increase production time and accelerate solution identification in case of an unexpected incident. 

Secomea Remote Tool: Secomea’s solution is among the leaders of its kind in the industry, deployed and used by major machine builders and system integrators all over the globe.

Gallus Helpdesk: Gallus offers three remote support service levels - Classic, Plus and Premium. Those differ in availability of the Gallus Helpdesk, in reaction time and priority. As a result, the Remote Support Service offerings can be matched precisely to the specific requirements of the different types of production facility, providing you with the best possible support.


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Technical Overview
Maschine SystemSecomea Bundle Price*
Gallus ECS 340
3`900,- €*
Gallus EM 340 S
4`900,- €*
Gallus EM 410 S
4`900,- €*
Gallus EM 430 S
4`900,- €*
Gallus EM 510 S
4`900,- €*
Gallus RCS 330 (R1)
4`900,- €*
Gallus RCS 4304`900,- €*
Gallus TCS 250
4`900,- €*
*This offer is valid until 31 January, 2021. Shipping including customs will be charged at cost.