Die Etiketten-Druckmaschine Gallus TCS 250 für kleine bis mittlere Auflagen
The Gallus TCS 250 combines a wide range of printing, processing and finishing options to suit all requirements. The modular extendibility of this machine system makes it the first choice, especially for labels with the highest quality specifications. A translatory system, the Gallus TCS 250 is ideal for the cost-effective production of short and medium-sized runs of up to 100,000 copies.

Modular design, centrally operated from a mobile touchscreen panel. Electronically controlled web feed system with alternating, paced and continuous web feed. High level of automation with software-controlled presets. Remote diagnosis via Internet.

Printing Methods
Offset, rotary screen printing, hot foil embossing and UV varnishing, separately or in combination. Can be extended to up to 12 printing positions.

Strengths and areas of application
The outstanding format variability and superb user friendliness make this system extremely cost-effective. No format-dependent printing accessories, no job-dependent investments, short setup and changeover times and a low level of waste. Wide range of high-quality processing combinations.

Flatbed diecutting unit, semi-rotary diecutting unit and flat relief embossing unit.

Format variability ensures high operational cost-effectiveness in the production of very short runs.

UV offset printing for the most finishing with the demanding motifs. High cost unit with savings because no format-dependent control printing accessories are needed.

The Gallus Rotascreen rotary screen printing unit for thick ink layers or effective picture features.
High-quality hot foil embossing super economy.

Technical specifications  
Machine specifications  
Mechanical machine speed max. *1)11'000 cycles/h 
Web width max.265 mm10 27/64"
Web width min.130 mm5 7/64"
Print width max. *2)254 mm10"
Format length max.254 mm10"
Format length min.101.6 mm4"
Format length increment (variable)3.175 mm1/8"
 or 0.01 mm0.0004"
Number of print operations max.12 
Processing (flat or semi-rotary)  
Processing width max.254 mm10"
Format length max.254 mm10"
Format length min.101.6 mm4"
Format length increment (variable)3.175 mm1/8*
 or 0.01 mm0.0004"
Number of flatbed processing units max. *3)3 
PS materialsstandard 
Paperapprox. 100 bis 180 g/m² 
Cardboardup to approx. 300 g/m²at max. 0.3 mm
  (0.012") thickness
Special substrateson request 
Remote diagnosis  
HEIRES access  
All technical data represent approximate values. Gallus reserves the right to make mechanical and design modifications.  
*1) Dependent on printing process and format length  
*2) With mark at 256 mm  
*3) 2x flat relief embossing unit, 1x flatbed diecutting unit