Printing Processes

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Printing technologies tailored to all needs

The printing processes used in label printing have kept on developing over a long period. Letterpress printing played the leading role for many years, but this was joined first by offset printing and then by flexographic printing. 

Their benefits across the entire production process have enabled flexographic and offset printing to establish themselves as industry standards. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and are used differently depending on the requirements.

Different printing processes place different demands on presses – demands that the press mechanisms, control systems and designs need to satisfy. Common to all printing processes, however, is the requirement for top quality, reproducibility and cost-efficiency. 


Gallus systematically focuses its developments on this requirement, thereby delivering success and security for the label printer.

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Straightforward application and excellent process reliability make flexographic printing the most widely used process in narrow-web label printing. The results now achieved with flexographic printing also satisfy high quality requirements and are extremely cost-effective. 

Gallus presses cut waste and setup times while also offering unrivalled flexibility and quality in flexographic and flexographic combination printing.



With over 15 years’ experience, Gallus is one of the pioneers of narrow-web offset printing. 

This printing process is particularly popular when top-quality halftone printing and colour fidelity are required. Breathtaking effects can be achieved when it is combined with screen printing, hot foil embossing or cold foil printing. 

Inexpensive printing plates and the high level of standardisation in offset printing also make this process ideal for producing relatively basic labels at attractive prices. 

Gallus offset solutions are based on cutting-edge technologies and highly reliable processes for outstanding dependability and unrivalled productivity.



Digital Inkjet

Incooperation with its partner Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) Gallus offers the drop-on-demand inkjet method with a native resolution of 1200 dpi and a printing speed of up to 70 metres per minute in seven-colour plus optional white mode for digital printing.

The digital DoD inkjet method is a perfect addition for high-quality flexographic, offset and screen printing applications and is ideal for short runs of labels or individualized labels.

The digital printing system is also suitable for new applications such as smart labels, security printing or trackable labels.



Rotary screen printing

The rotary screen printing units are integrated modules in the Gallus printing presses and they are  considered in all development steps of the machines.


Matched printing systems with screen printing, letterpress printing, flexographic printing, offset and hot foil embossing, in conjunction with various processing functions guarantee reliable and economical label production.

Thanks to its integration into the Gallus printing presses, the Gallus Rotary Screen Printing System achieves the shortest set-up times and maximum print quality.

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