From cleaning products to scented candles, from the basics to life’s little luxuries – whether used in one go or over a period of months – household goods are an ever-present feature of our daily lives. An increasing number of similar products with comparable properties are all vying for the customer’s attention. 

In addition to decorating products, labels on household goods also provide information. They indicate what the product is used for and how to use it correctly. 

When producing labels for household goods, it is important to combine a high information content with an attractive design. Gallus presses stand out in this market segment thanks to their excellent flexibility and high level of specialisation. 

Gallus ECS340 printingunits-image-quadrat

Gallus ECS 340

The Gallus ECS 340 heralds a new era of extremely cost-efficient commodity label manufacture. When developing this press, we focussed on the essential features, honing the configuration to maximise print quality while minimising costs.

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Gallus RCS 430 / 570

The Gallus RCS 430 supports six printing processes and is redefining the future of label printing. The platform concept, modular design and high level of automation enable labelprinters to produce top-quality short and medium-sized runs cost-effectively.

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