If someone refers to a label, they often mean a self-adhesive label. This technology arrived on the market in the 1940s and is now regarded as a classic product decoration with countless combinations of substrate and label materials. Together with the wet glue label, the self-adhesive label is the most common form of product decoration. 

Thanks to their simple application and outstanding material properties, self-adhesive labels are ideal for all kinds of product decoration. 

Presses from Gallus satisfy every need when it comes to flexible and efficient processing of self-adhesive materials. 

Gallus ECS340 printingunits-image-quadrat

Gallus ECS 340

The Gallus ECS 340 heralds a new era of extremely cost-efficient commodity label manufacture. When developing this press, we focussed on the essential features, honing the configuration to maximise print quality while minimising costs.

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Gallus RCS 430 / 570

The Gallus RCS 430 supports six printing processes and is redefining the future of label printing. The platform concept, modular design and high level of automation enable labelprinters to produce top-quality short and medium-sized runs cost-effectively.

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Gallus TCS 250

The Gallus TCS 250 combines a wide range of printing, processing and finishing options to suit all requirements. The modular extendibility of this machine system makes it the first choice, especially for labels with the highest quality specifications.

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