The label family has grown a great deal since the end of the 1990s. The new arrivals include wraparound, roll-on-shrink-on, inmould, shrink-sleeve and stretch-sleeve labels – in other words, monofoil labels. 

These labels are popular for items such as beverages because they provide a large area for advertising and information in relation to the size of the container. They are mostly made from very thin and flexible substrates, some with specific thermal properties. 

Gallus presses are ideal for monofoil applications, not least thanks to an intelligent web transport concept that caters to the specific substrate properties (elongation, snap-back, thickness and surface).


Gallus RCS 430 / 570

The Gallus RCS 430 supports six printing processes and is redefining the future of label printing. The platform concept, modular design and high level of automation enable labelprinters to produce top-quality short and medium-sized runs cost-effectively.

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