Laminates, or composite materials as they are also known, are used in applications with both functional and decorative requirements. In many cases, the materials used are aluminised plastics or plastic composites such as tubular laminates and bags. 

Something all laminates have in common are high material costs. This makes reducing waste a key issue. 

Gallus presses minimise waste thanks to their ergonomic design, intelligent presetting concepts, dynamic process parameters and efficient register control.


Gallus RCS 430 / 570

The Gallus RCS 430 supports six printing processes and is redefining the future of label printing. The platform concept, modular design and high level of automation enable labelprinters to produce top-quality short and medium-sized runs cost-effectively.

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Gallus ECS340 printingunits-image-quadrat

Gallus ECS 340

The Gallus ECS 340 heralds a new era of extremely cost-efficient commodity label manufacture. When developing this press, we focussed on the essential features, honing the configuration to maximise print quality while minimising costs.

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