Gallus Labelfire at Rapid Labels in Australia

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Left to right: Richard Timson (Heidelberg/Gallus), David Power (Rapid Labels) and Dierk Wissmann (Heidelberg/Gallus) at the HMI of the hybrid press Gallus Labelfire (Source: Labels Plus)

"It`s perfect" - this quote is the headline of an article in the Australian print magazine "Labels Plus". The Labelfire` customer Rapid Labels reports about the successfull installation of the hybrid press and which advantages the print company does have since printing with the digital narrow web press.

Rapid Labels`Managing Director David Power reports: "When we started showing its wide applications to our clients, they realised very quickly what an effect they could achieve and, all of a sudden, we were creating a "first". We were the frist printer to install the Gallus Labelfire and when we purchased it, we didn`t realise it would open-up a whole new area of business. We have never even thought about that."

The full report please find in the 2020 March issue of "Labels Plus" (page 6 + 7).