Gallus Labelmaster installed in Russia at “Areal” printing house

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“Areal” CEO Igor Rushinov (left) and director of development Roman Prokhorov (right)

In May 2018 the Russian printing house “Areal” put a new Gallus Labelmaster into operation.

The management of Areal decided to go for a Gallus Labelmaster because of the high print quality of this press. Furthermore a significant argument was the long-term cooperation between the two companies. “We have had a very good business relationship with Heidelberg CIS for many years now”, says Igor Rushinov, the CEO of the printing house. “We know that we can count on the support of Heidelberg CIS if there are any questions about the machine”, adds the director of development Roman Prokhorov.

In 2001 “Areal” acquired the first Gallus printing machine. The Gallus EM 280 was their entry into the market of self-adhesive labels and is still producing today (Earlier the printing house had its focus on the printing of advertising, newspapers and the production of promotional printing products). Today Areal is, by own estimate, the leader in output in the Saratov region and the Volga region. For the first half of the year 2018 the number of orders for self-adhesive labels grew by 9% in comparison to the year before. Around 90% of their customers, are producers of food from Perm, Izhevsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kazakhstan, the central and northwestern regions of Russia. “Today we can tell confidentially, that the Gallus Labelmaster has met our expectations. It is faster, more convenient and more practical than other machines. The productivity has doubled and also other indicators considerably improved”, Roman Prokhorov says.
In April 2018 the “Areal” company turned 20 years old. Today the printing complex of the printing house occupies an area of 17000 square meters, where three Gallus printing machines are located, including the new Gallus Labelmaster. “I don’t know if we could have managed the large number of orders without the Gallus Labelmaster. I consider that the Labelmaster can be the driving force for new success of Gallus and Heidelberg”, Igor Rushinov says.