Gallus EM 430 S delivers superb quality and flexibility

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Mr. Jang, Sunghwan (left), Senior Executive Vice President at Fine Webtech Label Solution System.

Established in 2000, specialist label printer, Fine Webtech Label Solution System (South Korea) has installed four Gallus EM 430 S machines in the past three years, the last one commissioned this month. The company’s tag line “Think Label,” reflects a commitment to research and development that has helped to position Fine Webtech as a leader in the field, its success as a technology company acknowledged by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Korea. Fine Webtech employs 95 staff of which more than half are engaged in production.
Fine Webtech specialises in producing labels for a variety of market segments from household cleaning products to personal care such as shampoo and conditioner as well as baby lotion. Committed to the highest customer service, Fine Webtech’s client list includes major global brands such as LG, Samsung and Amorepacific. With such high profile clients it is essential to provide the ultimate in customer service and the highest quality products. Fine Webtech understands the need for attention to detail in order to maintain brand integrity.

The company prints a range of products including transparent, adhesive, RFID and in-mold labels that are used in different market segments such as cosmetics, industrial, office supplies and electronics. Brands today use a range of strategies to attract customers and labels play an important part in conveying the essence of the brand and in helping products to stand out on the shelf. As such, label producers have to respond to increasing demands from their customers for greater quality and flexibility, new substrates and shorter runs, all of which have to be combined with shorter delivery times and immense cost pressures.

To meet the demands of the market, Fine Webtech has adopted a philosophy of continual improvement and investment in the latest equipment. Mr. Jang, Sunghwan the company’s Senior Executive Vice President says the installation of the Gallus E430 S machines has delivered numerous benefits. “The Gallus has allowed us to improve productivity by increasing the volume of labels and the speed of production. It has also given us greater flexibility and allowed us to expand our range of substrates,” he says.

Fine Webtech’s Gallus EM 430 S printing press is ideal for producing a vast array of labels. Running at a speed of 150 meters a minute, the EM430 S with its modular design ensures optimum cost-effectiveness and superb quality results. The “S” in the name stands for “servo” which is a type of motor. The integrated Gallus servo motors drive the print cylinder directly so there are no gears to disrupt the transmission. The result is top print quality every time. The servo motors are also used for regulating the web tension. The servo-driven hybrid printing units (flexo and screen) with front loading print cylinders and Anilox roller sleeves, as well as the pre-setting functions, simplifies the working processes and also greatly reduces setup and changeover times. Also, with no gears or couplings, wear on the machine is minimized and so is downtime.

The Gallus EM 430 S is also very easy to use. A sliding control panel with touchscreen gives the operator full command of the machine via the user-friendly navigation menu. Plus you can store and retrieve data with ease. Fast set up and changeover means even short runs are produced cost effectively as process changeover from flexographic to screen printing can be done without having to separate the web. The wider web width and higher speed of the Gallus EMS 430 S are also significant contributors to improved throughput and increased efficiency. This machine is ideal for inline printing and processing of self-adhesive labels made from paper and plastic as well as monofoil labels such as wraparound, in-mold and shrink sleeves and flexible packaging. The intelligent design of this printing unit also ensures a constant amount of ink is applied even when running at maximum speed which means quality is easily reproducible.

“The functionality of the Gallus machines allow our operators to easily change the screen stations and flexo printing stations as needed, which is a great benefit,” says Mr. Jang, Sunghwan. “These machines deliver exceptional print quality on a variety of substrates as well as flexibility and remarkable productivity.”

“As pressure from customers and markets grow, we have to be competitive. Buying a good quality machine from a reputable supplier like Gallus, gives us the capability to produce the highest quality labels quickly and efficiently. We have chosen the Gallus machines because they are an important investment in our future,” he concludes.