Gallus Screeny – Nuceria marks another milestone with decision to use 100% Gallus Screeny

Based in Milan and Turin, the Italian Nuceria Group is once again showing its commitment to progress in its innovative label printing divisions. The Group has decided to use the high-quality Gallus Screeny product line for 100% of its screen printing plate requirements. This decision will boost efficiency and productivity while also ensuring the same high print quality.


Know-how for optimum print quality  
Nuceria Adesivi was founded in Salerno in 1984 as a specialist producer of stickers and rolls of labels. Thanks to the reliability and quality of its products, progressive investments and innovations, the company has become Italy’s industry leader and a benchmark for the manufacture and development of packaging.
Nuceria has 32 successful years of label printing behind it. Championing innovation and progress, it offers expert consulting services, the best possible customer support, and wide-ranging expertise on the food, drinks and personal hygiene markets. As a company that always has its finger on the pulse, Nuceria has decided on the 100% integration of the Gallus Screeny product line for screen printing operations. In opting for Gallus Screeny screen printing plates, the company has selected a product that delivers both high quality and excellent cost-efficiency thanks to an optimised workflow. Nuceria’s General Manager Guido Iannone is highly impressed with the results. 
Nuceria’s customers expect top-quality screen-printed labels supplied to extremely tight deadlines. To meet these requirements, this model company in Italy has completely revamped its product line for rotary screen printing formes with the aim of improving print quality, productivity and process/product reliability. This in turn boosts customer satisfaction and enables production to be planned, because the print shop can deliver more labels within the promised deadlines while also ensuring excellent print quality.