Quality Policy Gallus Group

Quality policy at the Gallus Group is based on our Vision and Mission Statement and is an integral
component of our company policy.

We are committed to the TQM philosophy. We strive for continuous improvement with an
institutionalized and living culture of improvement.
We have an all-inclusive view of quality as a fundamental tenet of our thought and action that
incorporates the company, the market, and society equally. Quality represents a central component
of our corporate culture.

Customer relationships
We focus on customer satisfaction. Stated differently: we direct all of our activities, including the
objectives of quality management, toward the needs of our customers.
It is our objective to fulfill all requirements agreed with the customer and to do so without errors,
within the time agreed, and in accordance with financial considerations.

Product development
We consider qualitative aspects as soon as we begin developing new products. Central aspects of
quality are defined in developmental procedures and upheld through a variety of reviews.
We work according to a “zero error mentality” – an attitude that aims to eliminate errors to the
greatest extent possible. This also refers to systematic preventative measures for reducing
potential errors.

During procurement, we prefer suppliers who document the observance of qualitative responsibility.

We maintain an open dialog with our customers, business partners, authorities, and the public
about all quality issues.

All management personnel uphold the responsibility and duty to communicate and actively
demonstrate quality at the proper hierarchical levels. The commitment of every single employee is
needed to achieve sustainable quality improvements. Implementation of quality policies is a
leadership responsibility and obligation.