Labelprinting – experience gained in practice: “Cloudy” printed image in halftone printing

The series entitled “Labelprinting – experience gained in practice” looks at
everyday challenges encountered in labelprinting and how to overcome
them. In this issue we take a look at “Cloudy” printed image in halftone printing.


“Cloudy” printed image in halftone printing

 Possible solutions:

- The combination of adhesive tape, printing plate and substrate is not ideal. Some printing plates require a softer adhesive tape in such cases and others a harder one.
- Harder printing plates tend more towards producing “cloudy images”, i.e. use softer plates!
- Clean the anilox roller thoroughly.
- Use an anilox roller with a higher number of lines (l/cm).
- The surface tension of the substrate is either too high or too low. Increase or reduce the Corona surface pre-treatment.
- Check the quality of the substrate and use a new reel, if necessary.


without clouds



with clouds

Roger Oberholzer

Process Technology