Gallus In Touch 02/2022: Labelfire video series

Gallus In Touch 02/2022: Labelfire video series
Gallus In Touch 02/2022: Labelfire video series

Dear readers,

the Gallus Labelfire is a hybrid digital press system and impresses its owners with maximum productivity and press availability. As is so often the case, the reason for this is in the detail, which is why there are some new videos on the Gallus YouTube channel. 

- Side note: the videos themselves are in English, but with one click you can turn on the captions.

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PS: You can always find the latest videos on our "Gallus Group" YouTube channel!

Video “Gallus Labelfire - HMI Vision System: Explained in detail”

The UV inkjet press Gallus Labelfire has an operator panel, the so-called HMI, the Human Machine Interface. Watch the video and learn, what exactly the HMI shows and how the operator of a Gallus Labelfire can use this panel at its best. 

The video in full length please find here!

Video “Gallus Labelfire - Density Uneveness Compensation”

What are the advantages of the "Density Uneveness Compensation" feature for a Gallus Labelfire customer? How is it related to the so-called "Missing Nozzle Compensation". Learn more about this unique feature in our video tutorial!

Click here for the video!

Video “Gallus Labelfire Prinect - Explained in detail”

Like any other printing machine the Gallus Labelfire comes with a Machine-Software-Package. You receive a complete software package that enables you to print high quality labels. What is included? And how does this work in detail? 

Take a look at the video in full length here!

For further interesting videos and testimonials visit our YouTube channel!

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