Gallus In Touch 01/2022: Focus on Low Migration

Gallus InTouch 1/2022: UV Inkjet Printing with Labelfire Low Migration

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Gallus In Touch 01/2022: Focus on Low Migration

Dear readers,

Did you know that UV inkjet digital printing can now also print food-compliant labels and packaging with the Gallus Labelfire? The new version of Galllus Labelfire Low Migration makes it possible.

But what exactly does "low migration" actually mean? Take a look at our video "Low Migration printing with UV Inkjet" or find out more on our website "Gallus Labelfire Low Migration"!

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Food compliant labels and packaging printing with the Gallus Labelfire
A complete system solution by Gallus und Heridelberg: Gallus Labelfire Low Migration means UV inkjet label and packaging printing with specially developed Saphira UVLM inks, which are compliant with standards of the food industry.

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A customer report 
Birkhäuser + GBC AG, a subsidiary of SCHELLING AG, produces on the Gallus Labelfire  print a variety of labels and flexible packaging in accordance with low migration requirements since July 2020. The native print resolution of 1200 dpi and the flexibility of the hybrid label printing press are outstanding. It is already the second Gallus Labelfire for Birkhäuser.

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Low Migration in digital printing explained in detail
How is it possible to produce food compliant labels and packaging applications? Is this possible with UV Inkjet, with a hybrid printing press like the Gallus Labelfire? Our low migration expert Martin Leonard reports!

Learn more in this video talk!

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