Gallus In Touch 04/2021 – Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022!

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Gallus In Touch #04 – Christmas Edition

Dear Readers,

the year 2021 was a creative one, if speaking about Gallus’ first virtual event - the Gallus High Performance Days in March 2021 - or many new videos about Gallus Labelmaster, Labelfire and Gallus RCS 430 on Youtube. For sure, many Gallus machines were installed worldwide. Take a look in the news section of our website or on Gallus Youtube-Channel to learn more! 

On top of that, our business unit Gallus Screeny just finished the winter edition of their new "Swiss Made" label, designed and printed by the Screeny team. 

We would like to thank our customers and business partners for the trust in Gallus and wish you:

Merry Christmas and a Happy News Year 2022!

We are looking forward to a happy and successfull year 2022!

Your Gallus Marketing Team

PS: Do you already know our Linkedin Account? If not, then take a look, here we’ll keep you up to date on news, installations and more.


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