Gallus In Touch 03/2021: Labelmaster upgraded

Gallus In Touch 3/2021: Gallus Labelmaster upgraded

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Gallus In Touch 03/2021: Labelmaster upgraded

Dear Readers,

The Gallus Labelmaster is now being delivered with extensive new and optimised features - what does that mean for you?

The Gallus Labelmaster now has a shorter machine length, as corona, web cleaning, transport and web tension are integrated in the new winding units, which means that one module can be saved. The compact design enables reduced waste thanks to a machine length that is up to 3.30 meters shorter, thus ensuring an improved ecological footprint compared to the previous version. 

More usability for the operator

The winder units can now not only be operated locally directly on the winder, but their parameters can be viewed and adjusted centrally via the touch panel in the human machine interface (HMI) of the machine system - in line with the "ease of use" concept.

Further optimised features such as improved accessibility to the corona pre-treatment and web transport modules with a quick-change system for quick and easy cleaning complete the further development of the Gallus Labelmaster.
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New Trolley System

The loading process of the substrate has also been redesigned and completely revised. With a new trolley system, i.e. a mobile lift outside the printing press, the substrate can be easily loaded and unloaded without touching the ground. An integrated lift is no longer necessary and the operator can use the trolley flexibly as required, even on other machines. Simple and flexible loading of the substrate is the result.

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