Gallus In Touch 01/2021 – New Diamond Core Series launched

Gallus In Touch 01/2021: New Labelfire Diamond Core Series launched

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Gallus In Touch 01/2021 – New Diamond Core Series launched

Dear Readers,

why invest in one of the four new configurations of the Gallus Labelfire? Easy to answer, because the advantages are convincing in any aspect. In four different machine configurations, the Labelfire Diamond Core models are divided up from D1 to D4 in order to acknowledge the market demands.

Digital white with high opacity is optionally available for all models.

Read in this new edition of the Gallus In Touch why the new Series of the Gallus Labelfire is the right system for every requirement!

Your Gallus Marketing Team

Gallus Labelfire D1

The Labelfire D1 is the 4-colour entry level machine system for 1200 dpi digital printing and perfectly suited for commodity labels with changing small run lengths.
4-colour digital printing on an industrial scale!
Labelfire Diamond Core Series: D1

Gallus Labelfire D2

The Labelfire D2 is the alternative with 7 colours CMYK plus gamut extension Green, Orange and Violet for highly challenging designs for e.g. cosmetic and body care products or whenever perfect colour matching is key. With the 7 colours the D2 enables up to 94% of the simulated Pantone Plus colour scale.

Seven colours for best print quality and a perfect price/performance ratio!

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Gallus Labelfire D3: Higher productivity thanks to inline finishing modules

The Labelfire D3, the UV inkjet press with 4 colours, (CMYK), enables optimised productivity.
With the D3 you have the ability to print labels, finish and die-cut them - right away saves time and costs, and also significantly increases productivity.
Printing, inline finishing, embellishment and die-cutting in a single pass!

Gallus Labelfire D4: Maximum brilliance and flexibility with seven colours

The combination of a 7-colour inkjet system and inline processing makes the Gallus Labelfire D4 the flagship of the Diamond Core Series models. It optimally covers even the highest requirements and produces at the perfect cost-effectiveness ratio.

Best print quality and inline finishing in a single pass!

Your advantages with the new Gallus Labelfire Diamond Core Series:

  • High and reliable quality. 1200 x 1200 native resolution
  • Fast and stable: up to 70/min production speed*
  • Lowest cost-per-label
  • Easy to use
  • Digital white with high opacity is optionally available for all models
*printing speed with digital white: 47 m/min

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