Gallus In Touch 02/2020: Gallus Labelmaster on the road to success

Gallus In Touch 02/2020: Gallus Labelmaster on the road to success

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Gallus In Touch 02/2020 – Gallus Labelmaster on the road to success

Dear Readers,

The installations of the Gallus Labelmaster are going on all over the world. Read in this new edition of Gallus In Touch about the latest investments and we want to inform you about two campaigns which we launched recently to optimize your production - take a look!

Your Marketing Team

Gallus scores in the Czech Republic with its Gallus Labelmaster

Three significant installations of the Gallus Labelmaster took place in the Czech Republic in 2019. One Gallus Labelmaster each has been newly installed in the printing houses OTK GROUP, a. s., Colognia Press, a. s. and KRÁLÍČEK s. r. o. These three examples show once again the high flexibility of the modular machine system Gallus Labelmaster.
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Gallus Labelmaster at Kralicek

FlexPower campaign – last chance!

Due to great demand, the FlexPower promotion for Gallus Labelmaster 440 and Gallus ECS 340 is being extended within 15th December 2020! 

More details to the FlexPower promotion find here!

Nordvalls increases its capacity with two Gallus Labelmaster

Nordvalls Etikett is expanding its machine park with two more Gallus Labelmaster presses. The two new flexo printing presses allow the company to count three presses of the same brand and model to their machine park. The investment is made to meet the sharply increasing demand for highly processed labels in large volumes.
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Special Service Offer for your production security!

Do you have a Gallus ECS 340, TCS 250 or RCS 430 without Remote Access? Or want to increase the production time at your Gallus EM 410 S or Gallus EM 510 S? Only for a short time you can upgrade your Gallus press with our Special Remote Special including one year Helpdesk Support.

More details to the Secomea promotion find here!


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