Monarch Graphics adds Gallus Labelmaster 440

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Mr. Pavail Jain, Managing Director, and Mr. Bhrigav Jain, Finance and Techno-Commercial Director are the duo driving Monarch Graphics ahead

Monarch has added another facility to their business and has invested in a new Gallus Labelmaster in order to increase their productivity.

Established in 2006, Monarch Graphics is a leading label convertor with a state-of-the-art production facility in north India. Backed by a high-spirited team, the company has successfully taken a crucial step to transform its capabilities, by expanding its facilities and adding new machines.

“This new location gives us an extra 20,000 square feet and houses the new Gallus Labelmaster 440.The opening of our new manufacturing facility in Noida, Delhi NCR, will enable us to meet the demands of our current and future customers, more than double our production capacity, and create new jobs within the company”, explains Mr. Bhrigav Jain, Finance and Techno-Commercial Director at Monarch Graphics

The main aim of the addition of new factory to enhance productivity, the production area in our factory site has been integrated to perform all processes seamlessly, from acceptance of materials and printing, inspection and shipping of products. The floor layout has been designed to foster internal communication and eliminate unnecessary wastages by streamlining and sophisticating operations through better communication. Thereby creating an environment where employees can work together with a feeling of greater enrichment.

Monarch also launched a new corporate logo at the same time to mark the fresh start at the new factory. Our new corporate logo design reflects our intention to maintain the vision and our aspiration to reach new heights at the new site. The Metamorphosis Logo Embodying the spirit of growth from a pupa into  a  full-grown  entity,  our logo is inspired by the ubiquitous and magnificent winged beauty, the monarch species of butterflies. Signifying the migration of a brand from taking baby steps to being a well-established and trusted icon, our identity resonates with the constant state of motion and coordination needed  for this journey.

On Choosing Gallus Labelmaster 440

In 2016, Monarch started the journey with flexography printing with Gallus ECS 340 machine.

This well-timed investment brought dramatic changes in the whole production of labels and quality delivered per the client’s expectations and desired standards.

The dedicated team at Monarch has very well understood the vision and value of brands across industries and driven by passion to innovate and transform labelling solutions has led them to again extend their relationship with Gallus, where success and security for label printer is assured.

Speaking about this new investment, Mr. Bhrigav Jain said, “with the significant growth of Monarch Graphics, the demand of our products continues to increase at a rapid pace”. He continues: “We wanted our new facility gives us the ability to meet the demands of today and operations for years to come. Hence we choose a versatile and operator friendly Gallus Labelmaster platform with 10 colours, equipped with multiple converting options like rotary screens, dual cure drying systems, auto registration and other customized options will let the team offer value addition like embellishing effects, offer special print decoration, add various security feature, printing with specialty inks and enhance production capabilities of conventional flexography with rotary screens. The previous association with regional team made our decision even more easy as we narrowed down our requirement’s in a very logical manner.”

“We are proud once again welcome the Heidelberg and Gallus equipment into our family”, concludes Mr. Pavail Jain, Managing Director at Monarch Graphics. “Gallus is our own family , and strong family bond keep us going ahead.”

The new facility is one of the most commendable projects in their corporate history and the Gallus Labelmaster 440 is now fully functional. Monarch Graphics is a one-stop shop for labelling solutions with cutting-edge technology and catering to the needs of 120+ clients, along , has grown extensively to bring versatility to their offerings and solutions. A significant start and leap going beyond Indian boundaries is next step with Monarch Graphics is a main focus of investment and opening up new production facilities. More information about Monarch Graphics please find on their website