Gallus Labelmaster 440

The Gallus Labelmaster is redefining the conventional label printing. Gallus Labelmaster offers less complexity, a unique and perfect price-performance-ratio with the well-known Gallus quality and delivers the highest cost-effectiveness in the label printing industry.

Less complexity – more flexibility
With the development of this new machine platform Gallus offers a new conventional label printing press to the label market with a unique flexibility which is nearly unbeatable. Three different base modules allow to configure a printing press which fits to every business model in the label printing industry and with a web width of 440 mm the Gallus Labelmaster can print on almost every kind of substrate.

Straightforward and reliable – the flexo printing units with best practice operability.

With the shortest web path, fastest setup and make ready times ever, you get the lowest waste levels with a perfect register from the first print on. The Gallus Labelmaster requires the lowest amount of ink and prints at a reliable high speed. With the Gallus Labelmaster you enhance your profitability.

A highly intuitive operating philosophy and automated presetting functions are supporting the operator


The Gallus Labelmaster can be operated with minimal operator training. A highly intuitive operating philosophy and automated presetting functions are supporting the operator for short setup times and low waste levels. World class performance becomes true.

The unique modularity offers a completely new level of configuration possibilities. According to your needs it is possible to add flexibility on each station to fulfil your requirements. The Gallus Labelmaster is a machine platform suitable for your individual needs.

The Gallus Labelmaster gives you premium quality from the start. With direct servo drives, gearless lightweight printing cylinders and anilox rolls you will print faster than ever with the best printing quality. The Gallus Labelmaster has a perfect and stable register behaviour irrespective of the machine speed.

Exceptionally short setup times and super-fast job changes thanks to the gearless light-weight printing cylinders.

The Gallus Labelmaster offers a reliable flexo printing speed up to 200 m/min. Because of the new ink chamber design you get an optimized printing behaviour at every speed.

printing-unit_Lablemaster-GID 1
New designed flexo printing unit for reliable high printing speeds.

Technical Specifications
Machine specifications
Mechanical machine speed max.200 m/min.656 ft/min.
Web width max.445 mm17.5"
Web width min.220 mm8.7"
Printing width max.440 mm17.3"
Format length max.635 mm25"
Format length min.*1) 203.2 mm8"
Number of print operations max.14
Hot-air drying
Rotary processing
Processing width max.440 mm17.3"
Format length max.635 mm25"
Format length min.254 mm10"
Number of processing operations max.6
PS materials50-200 µm
Paper50-250 µm
Cardboardon request
Monofoil label materialson request
Special substrateson request
Remote diagnosis
Gallus Remote Access
All rights reserved to change the specifications
*1) Screen from 254 mm/ 10"
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