Gintzler International Buys Third Gallus ECS 340 Press

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Andre Blais, Gallus, Inc. Eastern North America regional sales manager, announced the sale of a new Gallus ECS 340 label printing press to Gintzler International, headquartered in Buffalo NY. This is the third Gallus ECS 340 press the company has purchased since the model was released in 2009. The last press was delivered just two years ago. Gintzler's progressive ownership is committed to staying in front of the technology curve, not only to support existing customers but to enable the company to move into new markets. "The acquisition of our third Gallus ECS 340 press in 5 years reflects several things going on within our organization," stated president Bryan Scheible. "We constantly look for ways to offer our clients additional flexibility while supporting increased demand, by leveraging quick change technology to support our JIT (Just In Time) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs helping to reduce packaging obsolescence. Second, as we make new investments in our people and upgrades to our organizational departments, enhancing current technology is seen as a beneficial complement to those staffing improvements. Without a doubt, Gallus equipment has proven to be a long-lasting, reliable and cost-effective investment in our growth and success."

Gintzler's press was delivered to the company's Buffalo NY plant. Gintzler also owns a second production facility in Liberty Hill, TX. The Gallus ECS 340 press has 10 flexo stations, UV curing, screen, cold stamping capabilities, a turn-bar for two-sided printing, register control, and two die stations. Installation is scheduled for later January, 2016.