Gallus Screeny – COE supplies top-quality printing formes for rotary screen printing to its German customers

Reliable printing formes that ensure quality down to the very last detail, maximum precision and the fastest possible delivery are what customers appreciate about prepress specialist Carl Ostermann Erben (COE). At the company’s site in Filderstadt-Bernhausen, Germany, COE makes printing formes for rotary screen printing for all narrow-web label presses (Gallus and non-Gallus machines). It also supplies Gallus Screeny to German label printers, with everything from imaged formats to ready-imaged printing cylinders that are ready to use. 

Carl Ostermann Erben produces plates for flexographic and letterpress printing, coating plates for offset printing, continuous, seamless photopolymer sleeves and Gallus Screeny screen printing plates. Top priority is given to the quality and precision of all printing formes. As an external prepress company in the label and packaging printing sector, COE needs to be able to supply its customers with the required printing formes within a few days or even a few hours. Consequently, it only uses printing formes that meet high demands and on which it can rely one hundred percent. That’s why Holger Ostermann (the owner of COE) uses Gallus Screeny Digital screen printing plates.

Figure: Holger Ostermann, owner of COE 

Figure 2: Thomas Grünitz, ‎a customer adviser at COE

Gallus Screeny Digital for standardisation and automation
It didn’t take COE very long at all to decide on Gallus Screeny Digital screen printing plates ( As a prepress-only company, it is entirely dependent on standardisation and automation in screen printing plate production, so a digital imaging workflow was an absolute must from the outset – not least because customers expect top-quality screen printing formes with consistently high precision at fair prices. Screen printing plates need to be completely reproducible – ideally automatically – with excellent process reliability and uniform high quality. The digital workflow for Gallus Screeny Digital screen printing plates ensures this is the case. It rules out manual steps and sources of errors associated with conventional film imaging (e.g. undercutting) from the outset.

Widest possible range of applications for optimum customer advice

In addition to prepress automation and standardisation, however, there were other important criteria for COE in selecting the right screen printing plate supplier. The range of possible applications for using screen printing plates was a further key factor. Gallus offers by far the widest selection of screen printing plates on the market, covering almost every conceivable application. COE also provides expert advice on screen printing or, to be more precise, screen/combination printing – a benefit that customers appreciate. 

An extensive range of products isn’t the only requirement for a screen printing plate to be successful, though – it also needs to work properly. 

Works well on all presses 

Another factor that influenced the decision to opt for Gallus screen printing plates was that an increasing number of label printers want to enjoy the benefits of Gallus Screeny on their non-Gallus presses, too. COE also supplies Gallus Screeny plates in Germany for other presses – everything from imaged formats to ready-imaged printing cylinders that are ready to use. This means that even COE customers who don’t use Gallus presses can obtain screen printing formes for top screen printing quality with an optimum ink flow, perfect ink release, excellent stability and resistance to shear forces, all coupled with optimum possibilities for reuse. COE and its customers can rely on Gallus Screeny screen printing formes working perfectly on all presses. 
If you would like to know more about the possible applications of Gallus Screeny screen printing plates on Gallus and non-Gallus machines, please feel free to contact us at – we’ll be happy to help.