Gallus Screeny A-Line makes rotary screen printing more cost-efficient

The Gallus Screeny A-Line offers extremely robust screen printing plates that optimise reutilisation rates and support maximum printing speeds. Thanks to these properties, using the Gallus Screeny A-Line significantly reduces costs per label.

Faster, stronger and reusable
The Gallus Screeny A-Line benefits from a unique flow shape topography. Thanks to this special surface, the printing plate delivers perfect print results – even at top machine speeds. Higher speeds ultimately mean more cost-efficient operation, because a larger number of jobs can be printed in a given amount of time.

Another feature of the Gallus Screeny A-Line is its exceptional robustness, which is particularly advantageous when handling screen printing plates both inside and outside the press. This printing plate’s exceptional stability prevents damage, which also simplifies handling in prepress and production. The Gallus Screeny A-Line is thus designed to maximise reutilisation, because a higher reutilisation rate is the best way of significantly cutting costs per screen-printed label. The more often the same screen printing plate can be used for repeat jobs with the identical print image, the lower the “total price” for the screen cylinder.

The big advantages of the Gallus Screeny A-Line are not restricted to repeat jobs with the same print image, though. It is also highly beneficial for long print jobs, because the Gallus Screeny A-Line can print several more metres of substrate per screen printing plate than the conventional screen printing plates available on the market. 


The Gallus Screeny A-Line is faster, stronger and reusable. This cuts costs per label, which improves operational cost-efficiency for label printers.

Maintaining the same ink layer thickness and line-width resolution, Gallus Screeny Advanced (A-Line) screen printing plates deliver premium print results, achieve optimum image resolution, and support a whole host of possible applications, a perfect ink flow, high printing speeds and easy final checking of the imaged plates.

 All Gallus Screeny A-Line types now available
Two new Gallus Screeny A-Line types – the Gallus Screeny KMA and RSA – were presented to visitors attending Labelexpo 2015 in Brussels. The Gallus Screeny QMA and RVA have now also been added, thereby offering customers a wide range of possible applications.

The Gallus Screeny A-Line’s ink layer thickness and minimum line-width resolution are based on the Gallus Screeny S-Line, which means the Gallus Screeny KMA is in line with the Gallus Screeny KMS when it comes to these two parameters. The same applies to the other Gallus Screeny A-Line types.

Technical details such as exposure factor, meshes per inch, open screen surface in % and mesh size in micrometres are also equivalent to the S-Line. This means the exposure times of the relevant A-Line and S-Line types – the KMS and KMA, for example – are exactly the same. Consequently, print parameters and the exposure time remain unchanged when switching lines – from the Gallus Screeny S-Line to the Gallus Screeny A-Line, for instance.

tecnical data

Benefits of the Gallus Screeny A-Line

  • High reutilisation rate
  • High print speeds
  • Easy prepress handling


Lower your total costs per label with the Gallus Screeny A-Line!