Screen Printing

Rotary screen printing - an effective way of printing

Screen printing is ideally suited wherever a high degree of coverage, precise detail and colour intensity are required to obtain a brilliant, high-quality image. Applying a coating allows special relief and other effects to be created. Scented coatings, thermochromatic inks and glitters are just a few examples of screen printing applications.
One particular feature of screen printing is its ability to produce what is known as the no-label look with transparent labels being applied to the packaging. Screen printing also enables Braille to be applied to any label.

Gallus Rotascreen - performance package

Gallus Rotascreen is a performance package and our contribution to success for labelprinters:

  • Gallus Screeny conventional screen printing plates
  • Gallus Screeny digital screen printing plates
  • Know-how transfer, training
  • Application know how and combination printing (screen, flexo, offset, hotfoil etc.)
  • Technology centre, product development
  • Prepress devices
  • Test equipment on Gallus site

  • Production expertise plating and coating