Edition 43 / September 2015

Gallus Screeny – Eurostampa chooses digital UV direct imaging system from Gallus

Industria Grafica Eurostampa, based in Bene Vagienna, Italy, is continuing to break new ground in manufacturing screen-printed labels. It is now using digital UV direct imaging for Gallus Screeny screen printing plates to boost efficiency and productivity while also maintaining the same high level of quality.

Tried and tested – optimising the prepress workflow with Gallus

Industria Grafica Eurostampa has 80 successful years of label printing behind it. Championing innovation and progress, it offers expert consulting services, the best possible customer support, and wide-ranging expertise in the wine, champagne, spirits, chocolate and foodstuffs industries. As a company that always has its finger on the pulse, Industria Grafica Eurostampa decided to integrate digital UV direct imaging into the screen printing workflow two years ago. In opting for Gallus Screeny screen printing plates, the company selected a product that delivers both top quality and excellent cost-efficiency thanks to an optimised workflow. Diego Ferrero, Prepress Manager at Industria Grafica Eurostampa, is highly impressed with the outcome.

Industria Grafica Eurostampa customers expect top-quality screen-printed labels delivered to extremely tight deadlines. To meet these requirements, this model company in Italy recently completely revamped its blockmaking operations for rotary screen printing formes. The aim was to further automate and standardise prepress operations. Fewer process steps are now required for blockmaking, which improves productivity and reliability in production. This, in turn, makes it easier to plan production operations, as the print shop can deliver many more labels by the agreed deadlines, even in the case of tight timeframes and short-notice changes to deadlines.

The Gallus Screeny UV direct imaging system in Detail

Conventional Gallus Screeny screen printing plates can be imaged within a print shop’s existing digital workflow, for instance using a CTP unit from Lüscher AG. Neither analogue film nor conventional exposure of the screen printing plates is required.

Figure: Conventional Gallus Screeny screen printing plate

How it works: Direct imaging of Gallus Screeny screen printing plates using a UV laser beam (Gallus Screeny Standard / S-Line / A-Line / special plates)

Figure: Optimised prepress workflow with digital UV direct imaging unit

** Process step eliminated

Gallus system ensures high satisfaction and helps meet Goals

The result continues to impress Ferrero to this day and Industria Grafica Eurostampa is highly satisfied with the integration of screen printing plate production into the digital workflow. By using the Gallus system to optimise the company’s workflow, it has met all its objectives to date – return on investment costs as planned, optimised integration of UV direct imaging into the existing workflow, consistent and reliably reproducible plate imaging quality, and exceptional print quality with Gallus Screeny screen printing plates.

What’s more, the enhanced prepress efficiency has boosted productivity while also cutting production costs. And the elimination of film production has helped meet important environmental targets.

By integrating the Gallus UV direct imaging system into your workflow, you too can enjoy the following benefits:

• Boost in productivity thanks to efficient prepress process (greater output of imaged screen printing plates)
• Integration into the prepress workflow made easy
• Excellent cost-effectiveness, as all costs of producing analogue film are eliminated (film, chemicals, manual procedures)
• Optimum screen printing quality thanks to consistent and highly reproducible Gallus Screeny screen printing plates (e.g. no more undercutting during imaging)
• Imaging possible for a range of printing formes – Gallus Screeny screen printing plates, dry offset (e.g. Torray), UV offset plates;
automation and standardisation of prepress operations, reducing errors and paper waste in the production of Gallus Screeny screen printing plates 

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