Edition 43 / September 2015


Dear readers and customers,

Welcome to the 43rd edition of Gallus In Touch, the third edition of the newsletter this year, which provides a preview of the upcoming Labelexpo Europe 2015 in Brussels.

In developing the Gallus DCS 340, Gallus and Heidelberg have created a digital press system for the next generation. The Gallus DCS 340, which is making its first public appearance at this year’s Labelexpo 2015 in Brussels, combines everything a label printer could wish for in a single press. The article entitled “The new Gallus DCS 340” provides you with all the key details about the possibilities the new machine system offers users.

But that’s not the only exciting feature in this edition. Find out more about the complete makeover of the Gallus RCS 430, which is helping to prepare a growing number of label printers for future challenges and market requirements. The new Gallus RCS 430 has been equipped with the latest technologies and promises label printers unrivalled application and process flexibility combined with the highest possible level of automation. Read all about the new technologies and the changes to the new and improved Gallus RCS 430 in “The new Gallus RCS 430 – more than a technical evolution”.

Even during the development of the Gallus ECS 430, the focus was already firmly fixed on the key elements for ensuring users benefit from maximum productivity and minimum costs. This tried-and-tested machine system has now also had a makeover so that it can continue to prepare and equip Gallus customers for the challenges of the future. The innovations on the Gallus ECS 340 include new servo drives that further boost productivity. “Gallus ECS 340 – the global bestseller in its class” introduces you to the improved machine system.

Carl Ostermann Erben – COE for short – makes plates for various printing methods, including screen printing. As is the case at Gallus, quality and precision take priority in blockmaking operations. That’s one of the reasons why COE decided to use Gallus Screeny screen printing plates. Another factor in this decision was the functionality of these very plates – the possibility of also using the plates on non-Gallus presses enables more customers to enjoy the benefits of Gallus Screeny. Read more about this collaboration between COE and Gallus Screeny in “Gallus Screeny – COE supplies top-quality printing formes for rotary screen printing to its German customers”.

Gallus Screeny screen printing plates are celebrating their 30th anniversary at this year’s Labelexpo Europe. Gallus is marking this anniversary by revamping rotary screen printing and presenting a number of unique innovations at the trade fair, including the new Gallus Screeny A-Line, metallic doming and the new Gallus Screeny Digital screen printing plates. “Gallus Screeny – revolution in rotary screen printing” tells you everything you need to know about the innovations and possibilities that Gallus Screeny screen printing plates will offer users.

Italian company Industria Grafica Eurostampa is also focused on innovation and offers a wide range of labelling and decoration solutions for its customers on the food and beverages market. Two years ago, Europstampa decided to start using Gallus Screeny screen printing plates in its production operations – a move that has paid off in the opinion of Prepress Manager Diego Ferrero. Find out more about Eurostampa and its positive experiences with Gallus screen printing plates in “Gallus Screeny – Eurostampa chooses digital UV direct imaging system from Gallus”. 

In our We are Gallus feature for this issue, we introduce you to Digital Product Manager Jonny Dörig, who is responsible for Gallus’s new digital machine system – the Gallus DCS 340.

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Klaus Bachstein                                        Christof Naier
CEO Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG                VP Sales & Marketing

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