Edition 42 / June 2015

We are Gallus – Werner Krummenacher

Before joining Gallus, qualified sales and marketing manager Werner Krummenacher worked in the catering sector and in project and event management both during and after his studies. He gained a great deal of experience that would subsequently prove useful in his career at Gallus. When he started working at Gallus in 2011, he realised his long-held dream of being part of an international company. Three years later, he assumed responsibility for Gallus customers in Southeast Asia, a role that enables him to learn something new every day.


Werner Krummenacher


Regional Sales Manager GSEA (TH/MM/PK)


• Type E “Matura” (Swiss school leaving certificate)
• Postgraduate diploma for sales and marketing managers (NDS HF)


Before joining Gallus in September 2011, I worked in the catering sector for a number of years, initially as a bartender to finance my studies and later on in management roles at a number of different establishments. I then switched to project and event management, which involved planning and actual implementation work.

When I decided to head in a new career direction, the Gallus screen printing department gave me the opportunity to make my dream of working for an international company come true. I spent over three years as a product manager responsible for southern and western Europe, Africa and the Middle East in Heinz Brocker’s Gallus Screeny team before joining Dario Urbinati’s Southeast Asia team at the end of 2014. Currently based in Bangkok, I am now responsible for selling Gallus products in Thailand, Myanmar and Pakistan.


Kitesurfing, hiking, snowboarding and enjoying all kinds of culinary treats


Engaged to my long-time partner Monika. No children as yet.

Can you describe an average day as Regional Sales Manager?

Since I started this job at the beginning of 2015, there hasn’t been one single average working day. In addition to the established tasks of a sales manager – such as customer service and acquisition, administration and coordination – my main job and the key to such a role is identifying and satisfying customer needs in close dialogue with our customers and local colleagues.

A sales manager is an important link between a company and its customers. On the one hand, you’re the eyes and ears of your company and need to pass on information and feedback from the market to the right people as quickly as possible. On the other, you’re the company’s mouthpiece and calling card, communicating with the outside world. In this role, always being quick to tell customers about new developments is vital. This is the only way to deliver the benefits our products are intended to provide.

Even though Gallus has been successfully selling machines to Southeast Asia for a long time, we only started cultivating the market directly with any real focus through our own sales organisations three years ago. This new proximity to the local markets enables us to reach beyond companies with international networks to customers operating at local level only. It’s extremely important to demonstrate that Gallus has an appropriate solution for these very customers, including the necessary local service and support.

How do you meet the tough quality demands of customers and Gallus in your day-to-day work?

By making these demands my own top priority. Only by endeavouring always to achieve the highest standards yourself is it possible to meet the demands of your customers and your employer. It’s not always easy and you need to keep finding new motivation by talking to satisfied customers, so you come full circle in effect.

How do you ensure you remain creative and at the cutting edge in your day-to-day work?

I keep making changes in an attempt never to stand still. I’m also one of those people who are continuously craving something new. You can’t be afraid of asking questions, must never take things for granted and should never think you have all the answers. You always need to be prepared to learn.

As I’ve already said, customer proximity is also important because it helps you to keep coming up with new, different ideas and suggestions. It’s this ongoing dialogue – not only with company owners and managing directors, but also with production managers, printers and prepress staff – that is vital to ascertain what is needed, whether we are on the right track with our customers and where future customer requirements will take us.

What do you see as your greatest challenges?

The biggest challenge for me personally is taking on this new role in which I’m confronted with an unfamiliar culture and environment and a foreign language – a big test. But that’s one of the main reasons I wanted this position. A typical day is all about working together to build something and achieving joint goals despite the challenges – and that’s what keeps my working life exciting and varied.

How do you switch off? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I love being in the countryside and out on the water. In St. Gallen in Switzerland we are lucky enough to have both on the doorstep. The Alps is one of the best developed hiking and climbing regions for all abilities. And I also had access to numerous mountain lakes, streams and, of course, the magnificent Lake Constance.

Now I live in Thailand, where the weather ranges from warm to hot and you can enjoy activities all year round that are only possible for half the year in Switzerland. Such is Thailand’s natural diversity that it’s hard to know where to start your fascinating voyage of discovery. Wherever in the world I happen to be, the beauty of nature always provides me with an oasis of tranquillity and somewhere I can recharge my batteries.

And at the weekend I like to enjoy life to the full – with a delicious meal, a glass of fine wine or a single malt accompanied by a cigar. I always make a point of taking the time to enjoy this side of life with my friends and my fiancée.

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