Edition 42 / June 2015

IGS supplies Gallus Screeny for Southeast Asian market

Repro house Innovative Graphic Solution (IGS) supplies Gallus Screeny products for all narrow-web label presses – something new for Southeast Asia. Asian label printers can now obtain everything from the pre-cut format to ready-to-use and ready-imaged printing cylinders from IGS.

It’s an open secret that Gallus Screeny works well on both Gallus and non-Gallus machines. An increasing number of label printers also want to enjoy the benefits of Gallus Screeny on their non-Gallus presses – and the ones located in Southeast Asia (SEA) are no exception. The reason for this is very simple. Gallus offers by far the widest range of screen printing plates for every conceivable application – a benefit that label printers appreciate. The success of Gallus Screeny is not explained by this extensive product portfolio alone, though. First and foremost, a screen printing plate needs to work effectively. An optimum ink flow, stability and resistance to torsional forces are fundamental prerequisites for a good screen printing plate. It is also important for the plate’s screen fabric and photopolymer layer to produce a consistently high level of precision. Put simply, a press can only deliver high-quality end products if top-quality tools/dies and consumables are used in the manufacturing process. Screen-printed “Nivea blue” should always look the same, for example. Any quality fluctuations in the screen fabric or photopolymer layer immediately lead to printing problems and, in the worst case scenario, to downtimes on the label press.

 Photo (from left to right): IGS owner Bhumisit Phetpattanakul and Gallus Regional Sales Manager Werner Krummenacher provide screen printing customers in SEA with reliable expert advice.

The new IGS repro house now provides Asia’s label printers with Gallus Screeny screen printing plates for rotary screen printing – an effective, tried-and-tested technology that can be used on both Gallus and non-Gallus presses. In order to be able to make the screen printing cylinders for all narrow-web label presses locally, IGS uses a special assembly unit developed by Gallus. As a result, Gallus screen printing cylinders can be used in all narrow-web label presses. IGS also offers local expert advice on screen printing and screen/combination printing. If a customer has questions relating to these types of printing, IGS provides reliable specialist support in collaboration with Gallus SEA.

Photo: IGS uses the “universal assembly unit” to make screen cylinders for all narrow-web label presses.

If you would like to know more about the universal assembly unit or the possibilities for using Gallus Screeny screen printing cylinders on non-Gallus presses, please do contact us at screeny@gallus-group.com. We’ll be happy to help!

About IGS

Specialising in service and support for narrow-web label printing and flexible packaging, Innovative Graphic Solution (IGS) has been part of the printing industry since 2008 and currently has over 11 employees. The company’s owner and managing director Bhumisit Phetpattanakul has held a number of positions at a variety of companies in the printing industry since1995, acquiring wide-ranging specialist know-how in the process.

IGS is a trading company, installs machinery, offers application training and consulting, and supplies technical consumables. With its reliable 24/7 service and support, it has become a respected name locally in recent years and has built up an outstanding network with links to local industry and excellent customer relations.

The well-known graphics trading and service company is now moving into prepress and supplies the Southeast Asian market from its base in Thailand.

About Gallus SEA and Gallus

Based in Singapore, Gallus SEA is a subsidiary of the Gallus Group and is responsible for the entire Southeast Asian market.

The Gallus Group is a leading global partner for label printers, developing and manufacturing label printing machine systems at its headquarters in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and its development and production facility in Langgöns, Germany. The machine portfolio is augmented by the range of Gallus Screeny screen printing plates, globally decentralised service operations, and excellent availability of printing accessories and replacement parts. The comprehensive offering also includes consulting services provided by label specialists with a great deal of experience in all relevant printing and process engineering tasks.

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