Edition 42 / June 2015

Gallus Screeny – 30 years of tradition, precision and innovation

For 30 years now, Gallus Screeny has been synonymous with innovative screen printing. The latest innovations from Gallus (Gallus Screeny A-Line, metallic doming and Tempo 120) were presented to visitors attending the Gallus Innovation Days 2014. The company’s innovations are continuously setting new standards in combination printing with screen printing. These innovations are based on precision and tradition. Precision means top quality, safety, performance and reliability, while tradition is based on experience, continuity, custom and convention. Gallus Screeny screen printing plates are a byword for innovation, precision and tradition. For 30 years, Gallus Screeny has been the perfect one-stop solution from a system supplier in the label printing business (press plus screen printing unit, peripherals and plate from a single manufacturer).

Tradition forms the basis for precision

Quality awareness, organisation, conscientiousness, reliability and attention to detail are all traditional Swiss values that are reflected in the country itself and its products. Quality and perfection cannot be achieved overnight but require total long-term commitment to the relevant areas – and that’s tradition.

Photo: Swiss values are reflected in the national dress.

The same applies to label printing. Years of experience as a pioneer in rotary screen printing and comprehensive know-how as the largest label press manufacturer in the world make Gallus the quintessential system solution supplier in combination printing with screen printing. As an end-to-end solution provider, Gallus supports its customers with unique screen printing expertise. This includes know-how in combination printing, flexible, high-performance printing systems, integrated screen printing units, Gallus Screeny screen printing plates, prepress and workflow know-how, and all-round support from experienced specialists. And it ensures the perfect interplay of all relevant print parameters for cost-efficient production of decorative and functional high-finish self-adhesive labels.

Precision forms the basis for Innovation

Basic prerequisites for making precision products include an intrinsic desire to fully understand all the ins and outs along with a steely determination to acquire all the skills required to ensure a perfect command of production and process steps down to the very last detail and produce items of the same reliable quality time and again. These same prerequisites also apply to innovations, because a perfect command of production and process steps down to the very last detail is essential for carrying out the changes required to create new products.

Photo: Swiss precision – close-up of a Gallus Screeny A-Line screen printing plate.

A customer using Gallus Screeny Genuine Plates can depend on precise and reliable Gallus technologies and processes that are well thought through from start to finish. As a system supplier, Gallus offers label printers perfectly coordinated technical solutions from a single source. What’s more, the Gallus promise of reliability extends beyond the simple provision of intelligent technical solutions for label printing. In addition to purely technical solutions, Gallus also offers a team of specialists to provide comprehensive support. Users can rely on Gallus always being there for them whether they require advice over the phone, on-site service support or training.

Innovation forms the basis for long-term success

Gallus invented the screen printing plate system for rotary screen printing in narrow-web label printing. Since this system has been available, label printers have been able to produce decorative and functional high-finish self-adhesive labels cost-efficiently using screen printing in combination with letterpress, flexographic or offset printing. Only thanks to Gallus Screeny have label printers been able to master the complexities of combination printing. This has enabled them to create self-adhesive labels with added value to ensure their long-term success. Over the past 30 years, Gallus has paved the way for this success time and again with a steady flow of innovations.

Photo: Label printers can achieve long-term success with the rotary screen printing system solution from Gallus.

As a result of its ongoing development work, Gallus has the most comprehensive product portfolio on the market and can therefore offer its customers a wide range of solutions for virtually any screen printing application. In addition to the Gallus Screeny product portfolio, Gallus also provides intelligent and well thought-out workflow concepts for prepress applications (saving time) and for re-using screen-printing plates (cutting costs). What’s more, Gallus is continuously further developing and improving screen printing peripherals and the screen printing unit so as to make rotary screen printing as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. All these innovations deliver added value, which ultimately works to the benefit of label printers.

The latest innovations from Gallus

When it developed its own screen printing plates for rotary screen printing, Gallus also undertook to further develop and improve the technology behind the rotary screen printing system solution. Tradition and precision are the cornerstones that have been helping Gallus to keep this innovation promise for 30 years. For example, the Gallus Screeny A-Line being launched midway through 2015 will be the most stable screen printing plate on the market. The metallic doming process is also currently being introduced in narrow-web label printing. This new and unique combination printing process from Gallus is based on rotary screen printing. In addition to this, the Tempo 120 project group has been founded with the aim of printing at a speed of 120 metres per minute for defined applications in combination printing (screen/flexographic printing).

Photo: Metallic doming, a unique combination printing process based on rotary screen printing from Gallus

Tradition and precision will lead to further innovations in the future

Tradition, precision and innovation are interdependent. Tradition creates precision and precision leads to innovation. Combining wide-ranging know-how with 30 years of experience and tradition, Gallus is now also working on innovations for industries outside the narrow-web label printing sector. For example, lines just 30 µm thick can already be produced with Gallus Screeny. Such ground-breaking achievements are setting new standards in high-precision screen printing. Gallus has set itself the task of ensuring that experience and findings from high-precision screen printing also work to the benefit of narrow-web label printing customers. In keeping with its motto “Innovations through precision and precision through tradition”, the company will continue producing innovations to ensure its customers’ long-term future success.

Photo: Fine lines just 30 µm thick can already be printed using high-precision screen printing with Gallus Screeny. Such innovations will also benefit label printers.

Its position as a pioneer in rotary screen printing and its many years of experience in this field make Gallus the ideal contact if you have any questions about your rotary screen printing plate. Gallus Screeny currently offers the most comprehensive range of screen printing plates for rotary screen printing on narrow-web label presses. The Gallus Screeny team will advise you on the ideal type of screen printing plate for your particular application. Please do get in touch with us – we’ll be happy to help!

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