Edition 41 / March 2015

Gallus Twinlock printing cylinders and sleeves

The Twinlock printing cylinder and sleeves presented at the Gallus Innovation Days are enjoying increasing popularity. More and more new machines with Twinlock surfaces are being ordered, while existing printing cylinders and sleeves are being replaced with Twinlock surface models.

Customers who use Twinlock printing cylinders and sleeves can make substantial savings from shorter changeover times and the fact that double-sided adhesive tape is no longer needed. They also benefit from optimised printing and higher flexographic printing speeds.


The special Twinlock surface texture makes it possible to install printing plates time and time again without any need for double-sided adhesive tape. Dirt can be removed from the sleeve with a simple cleaning technique to reactivate its self-adhesive properties. This is all that is needed to ensure it is ready for the next plate to be installed. This is possible thanks to the adhesive properties of the special polymer that Twinlock is made from.

Optimised printing

The permanently self-adhesive polymer is connected to a high-quality polyurethane foam that is compressible and maintains this property over the long term. This compressibility ensures that ghosting does not occur with Twinlock.

Thanks to the laser technology used in the manufacturing process, Twinlock sleeves are ground to be perfectly rounded. All sleeves in a set have exactly the same measurements – guaranteed! This makes all doubts about adhesive tape thicknesses and register problems a thing of the past.

Higher print speed

The almost perfect roundness of the sleeve, combined with the quick “recovery” of the polyurethane foam, makes for exceptionally high print speeds. Thanks to its unique compressibility, Twinlock also reduces the vibration marks during printing that are often associated with the adhesive tapes conventionally used around the world.

The new Twinlock coating is available in three different levels of hardness for the full range of Gallus print cylinders and sleeves. For questions or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our spare parts sales team.

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