Edition 41 / March 2015

Regional / local printing unit overhaul for Gallus ECS 340

Gallus is now offering printing unit overhauls for the Gallus ECS 340 at regional and local agencies as well as customer sites. This will minimise disruptions to availability.

Until now, printing units have had to be sent back to the production plant for overhauls. Arranging loan and/or replacement printing units was very time-consuming and also generated high transportation costs for customers.

For printing units that can be overhauled regionally or locally, the required components (smaller volume = lower transportation costs) can be brought or sent to the relevant Gallus agency. The agency can then complete the overhaul at its own facility or at the customer’s site. If completing the overhaul does require a replacement unit to be installed, this can be made available ex works.

At present, regional or local overhauls for Gallus ECS 340 printing units can be completed in at least two Gallus agencies in each of Europe, Asia and America. For Europe, these are the plants in Switzerland and Germany and the agencies in the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and Russia; for Asia, the India, China and Southeast Asia agencies; and for America, the USA and Mexico agencies.

For customers, the expansion and improvement of Gallus services at regional level further increases the availability of the Gallus ECS 340 and also reduces the costs of overhauling printing units.

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