Edition 41 / March 2015

Gallus ECS 340 – always ready for the latest challenges

The label market is subject to constant change and label printers are always facing new challenges. Rising cost pressure, complex label designs, shrinking run lengths and just-in-time deliveries are just some of the factors that need to be considered. These changes demand efficient, cost-effective label production. The Gallus ECS 340 machine system is the ideal solution, as it cuts costs and boosts productivity at the same time.

Since its launch, the Gallus ECS 340 has been the top-selling label printing machine with short web path. Over 250 machines worldwide support Gallus customers in their day-to-day label printing work, helping to increase productivity and cut costs at one and the same time.


The Gallus ECS 340 is fitted with state-of-the-art technology. The unique combination of servo drives and automation functions, such as presetting, register control and dynamic feed, helps Gallus ECS 340 users to ensure high productivity and achieve consistent and reproducible quality of the very highest standard.


The constant quality delivered by the machine is one of the deciding factors of the Gallus ECS 340. Over the years, the Gallus name has become a byword for quality and precision in the label printing industry.


The Gallus ECS 340 delivers label production with maximum speed at minimum cost. With the shortest web path in the label printing industry and its high efficiency, the Gallus ECS 340 reduces waste enormously during production.

Cost-effective manufacturing of multilayer labels

One of the latest challenges for label printers is the trend towards multilayer labels. This is driven by the increasing amounts of information that statutory regulations stipulate must be in a specific font size. If a label press is not designed for this, multilayer labels need to be produced in several passes, also often involving an offline step. This leads to additional costs, which makes these jobs unattractive.

Peel-off solution for the Gallus ECS 340

The web-shift mechanism of the ECS 340 makes it possible to produce two-layer peel-off labels inline in a single pass. The web-shift mechanism functions in a similar way to solutions on existing Gallus machine systems. When installed on a Gallus ECS 340 it requires a free position on a multi-function platform.

Web-shift mechanism for the Gallus ECS 340

The production process includes the following stages:

• Printing the front and reverse sides of both layers next to each other
• Slitting the web in the centre
• Removing and winding up the backing material of the upper layer
• Moving the upper layer to the side
• Laminating the upper layer onto the lower layer
• Die-cutting and matrix stripping
• Winding up the finished product

By neutralising the adhesive, the upper layer can be removed at any time to enable information on the other layers to be seen.

Available for all Gallus ECS 340 Systems

The inline production of multi-layer labels is available for all new Gallus ECS 340 presses and for retrofitting.  Please contact the Gallus team at any time for further information.

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