Edition 40 / December 2014

Gallus Screeny – metallic doming

Metallic doming describes a new and unique effect in narrow-web label printing – a reflective, metallic raised structure manufactured using a relief in rotary screen printing. Metallic doming was first presented to the label industry on a Gallus RCS 330 during the “Gallus Innovation Days”. What makes metallic doming unique is the lasting metal-relief effect achieved on paper or plastic film, such as tube laminates or transparent self-adhesive material.

Truly unique

With the metallic doming application process, Gallus has remained true to its role as a system solution provider for label printers, once again proving that the company is constantly setting new standards for combination printing in the field of narrow-web label printing. The metallic doming method uses rotary printing to apply the printed image. A metallic foil is then laminated over the relief. What’s special about this process is that it allows printed images with lasting metallic reliefs to be produced on plastic. So far, it is the only procedure on the label market that makes it possible to create embossing effects on plastic. With the exception of hot foil embossing without lasting relief effects, plastic cannot be embossed as other materials can. Metallic doming fills this technological gap in the application market.

Relief effect of metallic doming for solid areas and lines on tube Laminate

The application process in Detail

During metallic doming, a thermoreactive glue is applied using screen printing with Gallus Screeny DY, for example, and then dried with UV light. After that, the applied print image is laminated with a thermoactive, metallic foil. A soft, heated laminating cylinder presses the foil onto the glue. The foil wraps around the glue and, together with the glue, is heated by the laminating cylinder. This laminating process reactivates the glue and activates the foil.

This thermal activation means the foil sticks to the glue. After this, the printed image cools to reveal a metallic relief effect – this is the metallic doming effect.

The metallic doming process from Gallus

Required components

Up till now, the tests have been carried out on the Gallus RCS 330. The initial results show that the following components are required for the metallic doming process on the Gallus RCS 330:

• Gallus Screeny DY (this fabric type has produced the best results by far)
• Metallic doming glue
• Metallic doming foil
• Metallic doming laminating cylinder
• A software update in machine control
• Training from an experienced printing instructor

Gallus has decided to perfect the new application on the Gallus RCS 330 to begin with before examining if and how the process can be transferred to other Gallus machine systems. The aim is to be in a position to offer customers a complete package at Labelexpo 2015.

Do you have a Gallus RCS 330? Are you interested in the metallic doming package? If so, simply send an e-mail to screeny@gallus-group.com and register for your metallic doming package.

We are also pleased to invite you to participate actively in perfecting the metallic doming process. If you would like to be part of this, please e-mail us (screeny@gallus-group.com) and include a test job with the relevant job file. Please also let us know on which substrate the test job should be printed. We will be happy to check your inquiry.

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