Edition 40 / December 2014

The digital future is Gallus DCS 340

At “Gallus Innovation Days 2014”, the curtain fell and the prototype of the Gallus DCS 340 (DCS = Digital Converting System) was revealed for the first time to over 700 interested visitors. The configuration of the presented prototype, which is based on the well-known, popular flexo press Gallus ECS 340 web carrying platform, consisted of:

Upstream web preparation

• Unwinding unit
• Web cleaner
• Corona
• Two flexo stations for optional pre-treatment of specialty media or special effects such as neon inks or flexo white in case of insufficient opaqueness of digital white

Digital printing module

• UV DOD inkjet module with onboard print head maintenance

   - Up to eight colour capability
   - Equipped with digital W + CMYK and orange 
   - Inter-colour pinning to maintain crisp print
   - Full cure at chill drum – for temperature-sensitive media 
   - Full content inspection system for reliable Quality

Downstream print embellishment and finishing

• Flexo station as varnish module with spot varnish or laminating capability
• Semi-rotary die cutting with slitter
• Inspection table for easy sample drawing
• Twin rewind for fast changeover

With its native resolution of 1200 dpi, print speed of 50 m/min and maximum register accuracy, the new digital press generation from Gallus sets hitherto unknown label-printing standards in terms of productivity, flexibility and quality.

The Digital Converting System Gallus DCS 340 offers the well-known one pass productivity, from substrate to finished slim roll, ready for shipment or confectioning, in one process step.

This new machine system will only integrate those conventional applications that are appropriate for efficient short-run production such as semi-rotary die cutting. The ultimate goal for this game-changing new digital converting system concept is:

Leveraging digital flexibility with proven conventional productivity at a new level of integration

The need for additional process colours (e.g. flexo or offset stations as in hybrid presses) only arises if the digital print engine offers insufficient digital print quality.

Thanks to the innovative Fujifilm inkjet technology, incorporating 1200 x 1200 dpi native resolution at a printing speed of 50m/min regardless of the number of colours or chosen resolution, this is not the case with the Gallus DCS 340. The 2pl droplet size, which allows over 200 grey scales in a 70 l/cm grid with the Prinect Digital Front end, achieves real digital offset quality that can print small characters, fine lines and fine gradients down to zero. On top of that, Heidelberg and Gallus have developed a proprietary process for preventing the malfunction of inkjets and monitoring whether the jets are functioning properly so that software-controlled processes can compensate for any misfiring jets in the print image. This process results in a pristine quality that is practically free of any print errors and eliminates the former limitations to which inkjet printing was prone under production conditions. The requirement was to develop a digital print system with unbeaten system reliability and productivity. To achieve this ambitious aim, Gallus joined forces with two powerful partners Heidelberg and Fujifilm. With Gallus, you can be confident that your partner in digital printing will always stand by your side and attend to your needs. Our powerful service organisation offers all the support customers need to ensure the productivity of their Gallus DCS 340 cannot be beaten by any other machine around.

Martin Leonhard, Head of Business Development Digital at Gallus, explains: “We invite you to join us again at Labelexpo 2015, as we continue to drive our leadership in label printing to the next level. Our aim is to enable your successful transition into digital printing and to provide you with the security and support that you need.”

Martin Leonhard, Head of Business Development Digital at Gallus, is confident that the Gallus DCS 340 will prove a success.

In our next Gallus in Touch edition, we launch a new series called “Digital now” to supply you with technical information on our new Gallus DCS 340 digital inline converting system in the run-up to Labelexpo 2015.

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