Edition 39 / September 2014

Three new types of doctor blade in the Gallus range of printing accessories

The doctor blade is a key element in flexographic printing. It wipes excess ink from the surface of anilox rollers but is subjected to continuous wear during this process so needs to be replaced periodically. High-precision, high-quality doctor blades are vital to ensure stable ink transfer and avoid all kinds of printing difficulties. Problems such as ink spitting are often caused by doctor blades that are worn or not of a sufficiently high quality.

Gallus now offers three different high-quality doctor blade types for all Gallus presses. They are supplied in a practical cardboard dispenser box and are already cut to exactly the right final dimension of the relevant press. Each dispenser box contains either 50 (types Basic and Classic) or 20 (type Premium) of the relevant doctor blades.

Since the blades are already cut to exactly the right size, press operators no longer have to do this themselves and can use them straight away. In addition to eliminating the risk of injury during cutting, this also ensures a high-quality product is being used that significantly reduces printing problems and the waiting times such problems can cause.

Gallus doctor blades are available in three different qualities:

1. Basic doctor blade: This doctor blade is very attractively priced without compromising on print performance. It is produced without additional hardening, which results in an average lifespan. This makes it ideal for small to medium-sized jobs.

2. Classic doctor blade: A top-quality doctor blade that benefits from additional hardening for an above-average lifespan at maximum printing speeds. This doctor blade covers the majority of requirements and is recommended for day-to-day flexographic printing.

3. Premium doctor blade: This doctor blade combines exceptional stability with a unique finish, which means it is used to counter printing problems such as ink spitting. Even though it is not recommended as standard, every press should have one so as to ensure a fast and effective response in the event of a problem. 

We will be happy to help you select the right doctor blades for your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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