Edition 39 / September 2014

Polymount Twinlock – new to the Gallus portfolio

In flexographic label printing, the flexible printing plate is normally applied manually to the printing cylinder using foam adhesive tape. This tape has a huge impact on the print result and needs to be replaced at regular intervals. To achieve high-quality print results, it is advisable to apply new tape for each job. This involves a great deal of time and money. What’s more, it is not unusual for incorrect application of the tape to cause quality problems.

The revolutionary full-area and thus seamless self-adhesive Twinlock printing cylinder coating solves all these problems, because it dispenses entirely with the need for flexographic adhesive tapes and all the associated drawbacks.

If adhesion is reduced by dust or other factors, a solvent can be used to restore it at any time. If used correctly, the manufacturer guarantees adhesion for an unlimited period.

The Twinlock coating is available in various thicknesses on both synthetic sleeves and aluminium cylinders but is supplied with a thickness of 2 mm on aluminium printing cylinders as standard. The coating is available in various hardnesses according to the print quality required. The hardness requirements for the Twinlock coating are identical to those for foam adhesive tapes:

• Soft, white Twinlock coating for halftone printing
• Medium hard, blue Twinlock coating for halftone and solid-area printing
• Hard, black Twinlock coating for solid-area printing

Print tests at Gallus have demonstrated that the Twinlock coating achieves the same print quality as foam adhesive tapes. A medium hard, blue Twinlock coating is recommended for virtually all printing applications. A soft (white) or hard (black) Twinlock coating is only required in a small number of exceptional cases.

In conjunction with a fully or semi-automatic plate-assembly device, Twinlock-coated printing cylinders are an excellent way of achieving significant reductions in both costs and assembly times. Register now and discover the unique benefits of Twinlock cylinders at the Gallus Innovation Days from 23 to 25 September in St. Gallen.

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